New Music: Jaden Smith “Higher Up”

The Fresh Prince’s baby boy is back on the music scene and decides to take KiD CuDi’s “Higher Up” for his personal enjoyment. Pretty smooth.

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  • reall

    get your facts straight ….

  • mission8
  • Meh.

    EXCLUSIVE Video Shyne in Paris : reenact the shootout, the trial and blast The Game

  • mac DIESEL

    RICH KIDS…….SMH!!!!


  • K

    Cudder my man but that’s Image by Dre. You’re slipping

  • Friz

    Cool for 14. What does him being rich have to do wit anything, like it was his discussion to be born rich, middle class, or poor.

  • Friz


  • JustMyOpinion

    Question for the panel: Can we, as fans, take rapper’s children seriously? Considering, they grew up RICH.

  • didnt listen, no need for a wealthy actor’s son to rap, forreal will better put him in more movies..

  • Lethargic1

    He needs to work on his delivery. He sounds monotone and uninspired.

  • LuxuryRap

    ^^^ you all are pathetic.

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    Why yall posting up a kid that isnt polished yet? At least Diggy’s flow and delivery was in tact when yall started pluggin him. Come on with this bullshit man, let this nigga grow at least before you give him shine

  • Gabbbbbage


    yall some haters, i aint gonna lie this shit aint even bad , i was impressed.

  • ODM3TheTruth

    Why the hell does rap have this stigma that you need to be poor, from the hood, or have had it rough in order to be legitimate? That’s bullshit. This ain’t no exclusive club. That said, I don’t think Jaden did a good job on this quite honestly. His flow needs work for real, but you can tell it ain’t polished.

  • hmmm

    Can we just talk about how dude just claimed that this was a Cudi song, when it’s actually a Snoop/Dre song that Cudi is rapping on?

  • i find it to be actually irritating that shit like this gets promo and put on hip hop blogs, nobody wants to hear privileged hollywood children rap about their maids overcooking their meals, like seriously y does a kid who basically has his life cut out for him already have to try and rap, it makes a joke out of any1 else who is really trying to eat off of this shit…

  • @ODM3TheTruth the answer is simple, for some rappers it doesnt matter, but its the simple fact that this kid probably has more money in his bank account already than most actual rappers nowadays, that being said he has absolutely nothing to lose and nothing to gain, this is like trial and error for this kid rite now hes 14, so theyre trying to see what “lane” he is best suited for, they know most celebrities children end up not being able to live a “normal” life anyway, i kind of dont understand how diggy simmons gets a pass either, or drake either, or childish gambino…lol its just funny how the people who basically control hip hop blogs allow the shit to happen and like robots just post anything that they “should” post..

    basically its like a white rapper talking bout gangbangin, cooking meth, shooting pistols in the air, sipping 40’s on the porch, etc etc, its just not believable to most people and the best prime example of that would be Yelawolf, they tried to make it work, but certain shit people are not going to buy into and tolerate…best suggestion for this dude is to be in movies with his pops, and do more justin bieber features.

  • see because of how irrelevant he is in hip hop, nobody even mentioned that gay women’s jacket he’s wearing in his kitchen, but are so quick to jump on asap rocky for wearing a long ass tanktop, and kanye for a leather skirt which he wore multiple times before on multiple occasions, (MAYBE IT WAS IN EUROPE SO IT WAS DEEMED ACCEPTABLE), lol its a good strategy how they are trying to use speculation as promo nowadays but its also deceiving as fuck and i think a lot of people are catching on to it…

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    cant rap

  • tucq


    It shouldn’t matter what your background is to be a rapper. That doesn’t make any sense, unless the only subject matter can be ‘the struggle’. You sound very smart, and why limit what hip hop can be?

    And this new generation coming up, they can’t all relate to dope dealers and bangers. That’s why I like Drake, cuz he brings a whole new element to the game.

    Jay Z and Dame said that about Kanye, and Kanye never sold dope in his life, and look at him now.
    The bottom line should be if the music, delivery, lyrics, and flow are good. In this case, the kid needs work, but it doesn’t mean he won’t be good someday.

    Yelawolf can rap his ass off. I thought he was gonna blow up, but I think they fucked up with his beat selection on most of the album. It should’ve been more like his ‘Trunk Music’ cd

  • gangstabiz


  • floridaboy

    MAC DIESEL!!!!!

  • Ayo

    He was doin’ ight till he said he wears dresses..

  • @deez

    deez if anything rappers with different backgrounds are what makes rap one of the stronger genres of music out…not everyone wants to hear the same shit about growing up in the hood and slinging rocks to make it, thats been done before and beat to the ground at this point…thats why rappers like drake and gambino and diggy are doing well because they have a different story to tell

    and if there was a white rapper who was cooking meth and drinking 40’s and was good and had a story to tell im sure he would do very well….dont just say it was a failure with yelawolf i think he failed because his marketing of his album was awful, hes a very talented rapper and has a great story to tell

  • @tucq its not about limiting what hip hop can be…but when people say “hip hop is a way of life” its not always just an expression…for a lot of people all over, all forms of hip hop are widely accepted, and its noticed as a subculture, right? this “paradigm shift” in hip hop started when kanye released 808 and heartbreaks, NOT when drake came out like most think, that had people saying it was pretty good and some people wanting to vomit…the point is you have blogs prioritizing a well off actor’s son (who is also an actor) while people out there who DO consider hip hop to be a lifestyle, and have been grinding forever and ever trying to get recognition who do not come from wealth, have their efforts go unnoticed because everything genuine in hip hop has become tainted..not saying jaden’s lavish lifestyle isn’t “genuine” but his affiliation with the hip hop culture is not…

    not to mention i wouldnt doubt if he has a couple of people he goes to for verses..

  • @@deez i get the whole idea of “expanding the culture, having everyone feel like they could be included” etc etc ….

    yelawolf needs to gradually ease up that ridiculous accent, when he speaks he sounds normal, he should strive to use a more regular voice w. out a doubt, and yeah the marketing was absolutely terrible, they didnt even have a video out for “lets roll” until way after the whole shit leaked…

  • Space Ghost

    Just so we are clear….the beat is NOT Kid Cudi’s. This beat is from Snoop Dogg’s song “Imagine” produced by and featuring Dr. Dre. It also features D’Angelo on the hook. It’s from the Blue Carpet Treatment Album.

  • vitruvian

    wack is wack plan and simple and this kid sucks!!!

  • JJ

    Kid Cudi? Nigga please! This is Snoop Dogg ft. Dre. Dre – “Imagine” off The Blue Carpet Treatment

  • RB

    not bad for his age