Joe Budden No Love Lost Pushed Back

joe budden

For those expecting Joe Budden’s No Love Lost on January 22, HHNM notes that fans will have to wait another 14 days as the album will now be released February 5. No love lost, Joey.

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  • Ayo

    He’s gonna go triple wood

  • dodo

    YES! keep pushing it back. nobody wants to listen to that garbage anyways.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    No love lost, big Homie.

  • Yeezus Christ

    it will sell under 50k

  • datnigga

    20k first week. Every member of Slaughterhouse was irrelevant to begin with. None of them had that charisma to really kick off their careers. What did they think was gonna happen by coming together as a group? They still flopped and they’re still irrelevant. They tried to act like super lyrical underground emcees that hated the mainstream, but as soon as they got the opportunity (Eminem), they were up and ready to sell out. They tried to use the same blueprint that Eminem used for Recovery, and tried to blow up off of it but the fans weren’t feeling the pop beats and pop hooks. But when you get 4 spazz rappers trying to out rhyme each other instead of focusing on actual song structure, you get a bunch of forgettable punchlines with no replay value. I really believe most of Slaughterhouse fans were tricked into the hype and are fans simply because of their ties to Shady Records. And didn’t Joe Budden just recently shit on his fans, basically saying fuck their opinion? They won’t see another album any time soon and they should take notes from Black Hippy on how to vibe well with fellow emcees on wax.

  • myRie

    @dodo How can you call any of his shit garbage, he’s one of the realist in HipHop. I can’t put into words how good Mood Muzik 4 is. Who else gives you their lives, nothing held back, from track to track… I’d like to know who you think is hot?

    @datnigga How is Joey irrelevant? How are Slaughterhouse Irrelevant? Because they don’t sell enough for you? People like you type so much but say so little. I highly doubt Joe “Shit on his fans.” He’s one of the few who actually communicates with his fans day in day out. These guys sell out every single place they go before they even gained any limelight.

  • dda

    @myRie: It’s a fact slaughterhouse is irrelevant as a group. Do you honestly believe you’ll listen to the album in a couple more years? No. The problem is they want to be looked at as raw, underappreciated rap ‘talents’, yet they want to do major numbers. That doesn’t work. They should have stayed loyal to their first day fans because dropping a project like WTOH pushes old fans away and attracts eminem dickriders that’ll have forgotten about the album in another 2 more years. Consequently you end up with barely any fanbase at all.
    And as for the ‘talented’ part, if they were that talented they would have blown up years ago AND stayed relevant.

    And as for joey keeping in contact with his fans? He only interacts with people in need of self confirmation.
    On the real, joey is a dope rapper. His mood muzik series is album material (unfortunately his albums are mixtape quality), yet as a person he is an absolute fucktard and attention whore.

  • i kinda dont think he should release an album, YET at least regardless of the E1 terms, cuz if he releases this album under E1 to fulfill his contract obligations or wtvr it is, it could potentially ruin the next awaited effort, under a different label, which he is releasing this album in order to do…

  • herohiro

    I’m still waiting fuck the hating ass chief keef trinidad ass niggas ..go chedda bob yaself

  • Slim Baller

    I knew this would happen lmao. It’s actually quite sad all these album pushbacks. About, 4 years ago, this would NEVER happen, not once


    sorry Joe, even with all the pushbacks you are not gonna sell. i’ll still check it out though.

  • Ricflair

    @deez lol at what said makes no sense??? Don’t drop an album because his next label?? He has a reality show coming out called love and hiphop bro … Come on he better drop when he’s on tv getting national exposure… Think

  • B

    I had to leave a comment because most of you have no idea what your talking about. Joey your shits fire, im buying the album, im a real rap fan. Not one of these jokers, are ya’ll lil b fans on this site or some shit? I cant figure it out. Joe Budden (and the entire Slaughterhouse) = FIRE. But I guess you gotta be older than 12 to realize that. Keep it up, we here in NC fuck with you all day. I still be bumpin Quarter on the Loose all the time. Shit is ill.

  • Donn

    Ppl assume u like Chief Keef and Lik B if u don’t like their favorite rapper. Sells equal impact. If u release an album for SELL you expect it to do what SELL. If it wasn’t about sells it would be for free. So the argument that nobody cares about sales is redundant. U obviously wanna be heard. If u release an album and pour your heart out and only 10,000 ppl care, it shows your impact in the culture. Kendrick dropped an album and ppl cared and he made an impact. If Joe is sooooooo good he could make the same impact.

  • Dumb niggas these days

    Okay I gotta comment
    First off, Joe is the most annoying rapper ever. The dude tries way to hard to be lyrical when he should just do him. He only pours his heart out cos he’s a fucking attention seeker.
    Second of all, since when did being on fucking love and hip hop mean higher record sales lmao, please show me any rapper that a correlation of higher sales after being on reality tv

  • Devante

    Slaughter House just figured if they let Eminem lead they way their album would go gold like Bad Meets Evil

  • rogerbarrett

    A lot of you don’t get it. How much money on features and promotion do you think TI just spent to flop at 170k for a commercial record? If Budden can sell 20-30k without all that, it’s a success.

  • hannibal lecture

    @dda huge cosign. Joe Budden been wack . He played himself at the beginning of his career going at Hov and 50 . Then Game ended his mainstream career and Game didnt even have an album out yet. It took him to get with slaughterhouse for him to get any recognition (same with Royce cause he fucked up in the beginning with Em). Plus he’s a sucker for love. He’s not going to sell bottom line.

  • Obama

    In other news… Joe Buddens hairline has also been pushed back.. Waaaaayyyy back…

  • I hate how people will say stuff like “oh you must like Soulja boy or Lil b if you dont listen to so-and-so”

    Nah B, I listen to a multitude of genres and not everyone likes listening to that Lyrical,Spiritual,Miracle stuff all the time. The only dude I remotely like out of Slaughterhouse is Royce as he has the most versatility out of everyone and has gone to murder Eminem on his own shit (like Echo). The others can be too extra most of the time and I hated how the term “supergroup” got pushed on these dudes. They’re not Voltron, I hate to break it to you.

    As for the topic at hand, tell your man Budden’s to get a better PR person cause if he really wants to do well on sales, he’ll keep that extra stuff in the public eye muted down and focus on song structure a bit more.

  • jay

    best rapper alive! U idiots need to listen a little closer. dont matter how man albums he sell as long as he dont go mainstream

  • @RicFlair disregarding everything i said– wouldnt it make more sense if he’s introducing himself to the mainstream public with an album thats GOING to come out, rather then spoil it for those watching with an album that the viewers MAY or MAY NOT like, however if it came out during the middle towards the end of the season, he gets exposure to people who’ve been sleeping on him, and then those people who watched the show are aware that he has an album coming out/working on the album…if the album is already out once the show is aired theres nothing he could do to sway opinions, however if an album is released during or after the airing of the show then he could, based on wtvr type of fuckery is shown on the reality show..

  • @7themerson i agreed with everything you were saying until you mentioned royce being the most versatile, yeah when the guy isnt piss drunk writing his verses, lmfao you lost me once u said that cuz some of his verses have been terrible as of late..

  • @rogerbarret a lot of them features that you talkin bout doesn’t actually require payment, cuz nowadays they just trade verses or other “favors” as payment, and honestly im surprised that t.i’s album even sold that much…

  • @B yeah of course you definitely are a major fan of joey right, cuz u don’t even know the correct name of his mixtape, “a quarter on the loose” , next time when youre trying to defend you your “fav. artist” get the name of his mixtape correct at least, its called “a loose quarter”…

  • Skinny Jeens

    This cat would be irrelevant were it not for his daily dose of boob and booty explotation from his girl…

  • ^^ before the cum dumpster was his girl, he still had attention, whether it was because of yaris, esther, somaya, or tahiry, he was always noted because of the bitches he had, literally people who would never listen to a joe budden song know about tahiry, and all the other “bad bitches joey b gettin” as they would say…

  • Yeezus Christ

    someone said best rapper alive….. im fucking dead

  • Ghost

    Rap game fans are a bunch of shit talking faggots

  • @deez

    When I say “most versatile” Im referring to verse structure. Royce can flow but he’s way more harmonic than Joey is.

  • Rozayne

    @deez the cd is defiantly called a loose quarter .,,,

  • Word

    Cosign @datnigga. I used to love Slaughterhouse till I realized these niggas are hypocrites. All they talked about was how they hate skinny jean rappers but didn’t hesitate to do songs with Wayne. That’s not a problem to me, I don’t hate Wayne. The problem is, if your about something, don’t back track and act like something else. These guys really tried to be mainstream with that last album. Not to mention aside from a couple songs, these guys only wanna rap in circles and talk about how great they are rather than make actual songs.

    Out of those guys tho, Budden is the only one I could see being successful. He has the appeal a bit, and he had a hit back in the days. Mood Muzik is a great series. The guy has the twitter following too. He just needs to stop Instagraming half naked pics of his girl and focus on actually NOT flopping, like Slaughterhouse has done their whole careers.

  • hannibal lecture

    Posterboy for saving hoes!

  • RobinScru

    joe budden is nice no doubt
    give me a listen tho

  • @rozayne ok if you actually would have finished reading my comment, you would see that i acknowledged that fact and even corrected the other guy..

  • @Word wow i never thought i’d see a comment that describes my feelings of slaughterhouse and the album better than that, literally perfect way to put it..

  • JS

    The whole reason for the push back because they will try to get his fame up from his upcoming reality show LHHNY

  • Karma got one hell of a left hook.

    Joe Budden sold his soul by pushing his agenda of who he’s fucking & all the hoes that love his coming before his music.

    Joe has put out great music (MM1-3 , MM4 was meh) but let’s b e honest as fans. Joe doesn’t push his music. He’s pushes drama.

    Same way on Twitter he ignores fans (especially males) and basically replies to hoes & “haters”. Joe thinks he’s so smart cause he knows a few big words, but they’re only “big words” among other moronic rappers. In THE REAL WORLD, Joe Budden is not as smart as he thinks.

    Joe sold his soul with this stupid VH1 show AND trying to release an album to coincide with the premiere of a trashy reality show.

    Think about that
    Joe Budden………………….wants the people who watch “Love & hip hop” to buy his album. ACTUALLY THINKS THEY WILL! Hilarious!

    Joe Budden , 2013 is the year of Karmic retribution. Let’s see how it works out for ya buddy. & if miss ” i can’t take a pic w/o being half naked” gf of his sticks around for the storm coming

    The Lester Bangs of Hip hop
    Even in hip hop, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind if blowing

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  • ^^ damn i agree with the first half, but i dont think the show was necessarily “selling his soul” i think dude just wanted an easy check, and for his girl to get some exposure at the same time…

  • a$ap billy

    joey basically got the game fucked up.hes puttin pussy before just dobt do that playaaa.simp asss nigga

  • The Other P

    If someone would have told Joe, Jimmy or Game 7 years ago that in 2012 they’d be crying on VH1 reality shows…..

  • CB

    Who spends time writing essays online about how niggas wont sell? lol If u don’t fck w/ them… Then don’t fck w/ them. It’s simple.

  • Wizz

    Shit …all these comments damn. First off I watched Joe Budden since day one. After Pump It Up came I was an instant hater of him. Gave him another chance after Slaughterhouse (Track) came out,mainly because Royce and Crook was on it. He turned out to be my favorite rapper after I checked everything he put out…he is a genius with the bars. Stop hating on him,he is amazing. He has a constant evolution and I respect that.

    As for calling SH irrelevant and trash … Please get your ears checked. Dudes are mad crazy. Okay fine forget about them dudes but you cannot fuck with Crook and his talent. Nah b.

    And since when are sales relevant in the past 5 years? Smh … Big Boi ..LEGEND…sold like 30k and bullshit ass Game album sales almost 100k …SMMFH! I already have a bad feeling about this Eminem album that will come out but I’m sure he will 5 million+ …even if it will be TERRIBLE.

    I’m buying it …I will support Budden.

  • xnil

    Oh, so we’re all gonna crack jokes and act like not selling records means you’re talentless now? Not many people sell a lot of records now a days. That’s not a secret. Hate em or love em, Joe is one of the dopest rappers around when he wants to be.

  • If you don’t like lyrics, don’t buy the album. It might not sell, but who knows. if you like shitty music I suggest French Montana, 2 chainz, keef chief ect. slaughterhouse is dope, they all bring something different to the table.