• Ricflair

    His production sets are crazy

  • Donn

    I think it’s dope he keeps trying to be creative

  • Baous

    That yeti mask tho….

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Kanye always takin it to the next level

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Dwayne Miller

  • lol now mufuckas are bout to be on that mf doom shit, omgggg lmfao, clubs would straight up have a dude dressed up in an mf doom mask spitting his rhymes, imagine this wasn’t even kanye…

  • Anonymous

    Mister Gaga strikes again.

  • KingJugganott

    That boy wild..

  • Slim Baller

    No one cares about kanyes over rated ignorant ass

  • lmfaooooo @ “mister gaga” tho…


    smh this concert looks amazing but the bass is so heavy i cant even enjoy these vids..

  • Jay

    What’s the point in posting this it’s the worst quality I’ve ever fucking heard in my life

  • Good Guy Greg

    Kanye stays shitting on the game…. It’s a fucking IMAX concert! He continues to out due himself – cuz no one is even functioning close to his level creatively, right now. WOW

  • big steve

    noone does this shit i wasnt a fan of the crystal martian margelias mask but kanye dont give a fuck about mine or your opinions so sit back and love the experience small brained fucks

  • ezylyfe

    i will go to a kanye show any day over all these rappers hot now

  • Reginald

    Lil Wayne Diss – http://youtu.be/fOye6jFKltk

  • R

    Looks like a KKK Mask and him Self Hating on his own ass That hoe K.K is destroying his whole Being and Image!!!!!!!!

  • interesting

    I don’t understand how so many people are focused on this niggas outfits, like he didn’t just have the most craziest creative set production period for this performance. Give him some credit, these artists out here who you paying $35-$50 for a ticket not bringing these types of performances. Don’t believe me just watch nigga nigga nigga!

  • koO

    Kanye and DOOM are actually friends. DOOM got a album collab coming out with a ‘big 90’s new york hit maker’ hmm..

  • Broken

    @ koo

    Kanye didn’t really produce any hits until the 2000s. Plus he’s from Chicago.

  • Jaymalls

    This nigga is always another level ahead of niggas creatively! lol… its not even funny anymore! You pussy niggas have to start demanding more from your lame ass artist!



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