MTV This Is How I Made It: Wiz Khalifa

MTV follows Wiz Khalifa’s journey to stardom. Wiz explains his musical influence growing up, his fall out with Warner, which soon lead him to Atlantic after his break through the Internet.


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  • aint nobody needs to hear “HOW” , we all know “how”, some rich jewish guy invested money into wiz and probably a few other local pittsburgh rappers, he noticed that wiz was an army “brat” and that only means that he was in multiple locations throughout his life, with different people that he had known in these places= more fans, rapping since early high school and putting out mixtapes doing the best dipset impressions with a rich jewish guy with nothing to lose, got him signed to a major..

  • not to mention he had band nerds from high school remaking older music to use as their own sound, making them “producers”..

  • just saying wiz khalifa is probably the perfect example of how easy it is to not have a single ounce of talent or credibility to make it in hip hop…

  • the crazy part is, i find juicy j to have more talent in his thumb than wiz has in general, its just crazy to me that juicy j had to be on rostrum/atlantic just to get his buzz back again…its sickening actually

  • Mike Jones??

    Non stop hustle. Salute Wiz!

  • Dog The Bounty Hunter

    I really wanna see the rapper Rick Ross on one of these shows. They must have asked him but he said no.

  • lollllllll^^^^

  • bobbya

    deez you ever listen to wiz’s old stuff? if not take a liste

  • Amp

    It’s crazy how haters take time out just to hate on someone. If you don’t like an artist then don’t listen to them. All I know is Wiz makes alot of money and sales out alot of shows. So he must have some type of talent.

  • Fred Splash

    God bless you hater. better be in church on the manana (@deez)

  • Fred Splash

    props to this young black artist going after his mission. disregard a hater

  • Fred Splash

    Prayer changes things, haters. Remember, you are the architect if your own misery or happiness

  • Supreme12oz

    i ”guess” wiz deserves it

  • @bobbya i made it quite clear that i took a “gander” at wiz’ old shit if you cannot read..

  • wow the one “taylor” who remains to defend his favorite rapper, so if any statement is made against any artist of today, then its considered hating?? lmao so if someone makes money it means they have “talent”, so apparently kreayshawn had talent as well, and so did the bitch who made that “friday” song right?? lmao yall will say just about anything to defend some1 who can give a fuck less about you…that being said yall “tailors” dont feel misguided by wiz, i mean he’s the one who was preachin “never wifing up these hoes, always wearing the best clothes” lmao and now hes wifed up with an industry chick, and he wears possibly the gayest outfits in hip hop possible, literally…worse than kanye, and yes worse than asap rocky

  • lilrizq

    @deez You writing that long a– monologue is what tells us that your a hater,lol. You’d never catch me on a Waka Flaka blog writing monologues about how I hate him, that link wouldn’t even get click on…smh. #PlayerPlayerHater

  • How He Made It: rap about nothing but weed and attract a bunch of pothead teenager fans. The end.

  • waka flaka blog? monologue?? ok of course im a hater, even though i relly liked kush and oj when he first started to get noticed, but if you are referring to my comments as a “monologue” ur buggin, i did get carried away but this type of shit gets me frustrated, they (the major label) literally are using this dude as a puppet and none of you seem to be aware that this is the case with a lot of rappers out today, and everything i said about wiz is truth, i mean just look at exhibit a- onifc album cover….that is all..say watchu like and keep “tailoring” wiz…

  • Reginald

    Wiz Khalifa Diss –

  • Dre no beats

    Truth is wiz should have never signed to a major label mac miller didnt and he gets paid the same amount of money as these niggas on major labels..why cuz hes a jewish rapper period and the label execs are jewish and could give a fuck less about a nigger on a mic. There is no money in rap music anymore 50cent was the last nigga to make stupid money. Dont be fooled the labels and these 360 deals killed the art and the artist in 10 yrs rap music will be so fuckin twisted we wont recognize it. All the gay shit is outta control and look how many white rappers got deals and huge buzzes in the last 2yrs…those mothafuckas were no where near eminems skill and rhyming ability. Long live the 90s-2005 Nas and Pac are the best to ever do it

  • JTM

    @deez your negativity toward a young black man worth over 10 million is sickening if you dont like wiz’s new stuff stfu and disregard it

  • logan

    wiz fucked deez bitch thats why he mad hahahha

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    ” wiz fucked deez bitch thats why he mad hahahha ”


    wiz music is some poo now though

  • lmao how everyone used the term “young black man” cuz you can actually click on my name and see my twiter…stfu stop pulling the race card on every argument, wiz turned into a queer for a check thats it, i still admire other “young black entertainers” though…used to be a fan of wiz too

  • wiz khalifa should be disregarded you are a hundred percent correct..

  • Fred Splash

    @deez, we gonna pray for you in church service today young hater:) . Yong black artists gonna keep getting it!

  • lol i know a few myself bro 😉

  • and currently they are getting it…

  • Wiz is dope, gotta show love to all artists from PA.

    Check out another dope artist from PA. Unsigned & Underhyped! Fuckin’ dope!

    Kylessence the mixtape:

  • a$ap billy

    aaaaaaafuckkkkinnngggsaaaaapppppp a$ap nigga fuck a taylor gang!

  • floridaboy

    damn deez, wiz is that dude. dont hate just get high and chill

  • Brandon

    Wiz is Excellent!

    First the love was there
    then the paper came
    then the haters came
    But we still rise above!