Saigon “Blown Away” On G-Unit Radio

While visiting Shade 45 recently, Sai gave a live rendition of the seventh track off The Greatest Story Never Told 2. If you haven’t yet, purchase the album now.

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  • Royalty of this shyt!

    real shyt ..yeah don’t fear it

  • i still dont understand y this guy would burn any remaining bridges he had when he went on radio saying all that shit, unless just blaze is paying his bills of course…



  • my dude right here needs to link back up with just blaze, and deadass go through a bunch of old ass records, like non-stop until he finds a song that he could remake into a hit…thats what all these rappers BEEN doing since forever, sai prolly been doin that shit too but he needs to find HIS record on some real shit, either that or time to do something internally within the industry…

  • its fucked up cuz this might just end up being the video for this song..

  • meaning a video probably wont end up getting shot for it..since some of dont read comments, yall just skim through it..

  • Spinoza

    “Ru Paul (Asap Rocky Diss)”

    Spinoza gets back to the grittiness of what NYC streets is made of with a new track called ‘Ru Paul Niggas” addressing the suspect fashion trend that many rappers is now adapting today and excusing it as “high end fashion”. Tupac & Biggie have both flipped in they grave and im getting reports that Elvis have flipped also. Wow, stay tuned”