T.I. Brings Out B.o.B. At DTLR Concert

Over the holidays, T.I. signed autographs at the Down Town Locker Room at South Dekalb Mall and put on a free show with B.o.B. Here’s what EAN filmed during the event. Trouble Man in stores now.

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  • Brandon

    Album of the year! Hands down

  • King

    @Brandon yep wackest album of the year…..ha

  • Black Shady

    what happened to the KING? he’s supposed to be a heavyweight…….sellin 400k first week type of shit….

  • IM730

    Dope. dude never lose sight of the city that made him. And I mean STILL do things in the same city that made him. Not reppin Miami when you from somewhere else.


    I cosign that shit. I also love good kid and RAP Music but Trouble Man is the most complete album of the year. Fuck what the number say nobody wants to support a Trouble man they would rather see him lose.

  • DoinTooMuch

    @Black Shady Niggas just not buyin albums like they used to. Also he’s still gettin alot of buzz he lost back. His next one should do around 300k 1st week, bet.

  • DoinTooMuch

    Especially if that snippet we heard with pharrell is the first single.

  • NYCown

    This nigga name is @King I think we all know why you mad stay down lame…. @BBgun no doubt but niggas got to keep in mind ain’t nobody putting huge numbers no more especially this year and he still had the #1 hip hop album

  • exactly how was t.i responsible for ending shawty lo’s career again?? or lil flip for that matter? to me they all more real than TIP at least..

  • NYCown

    Niggas kill me acting like if you dont sale a million records first week then the album sucks, lets just do the facts Wanye did these big numbers and his album was trash and I don’t even know one person who has the album! Tip one of the only rappers who gives solid albums and niggas still hate

  • NYCown

    @deez fuck nigga was around when Tip was snappin on them niggas obliviously not! That’s the problem a lot of you niggas wasn’t around when Tip out here going hard on niggas… If them rappers so real why they ain’t still around

  • NYCown

    @tip @troubleman what’s wit all the hate from these niggas! All these niggas acting like bitches

  • oblivously????yeh try again bro..and yeah i was around lmfao, he came to “cloverland” or wtvr the fuck the name is and supposedly “shit went down” lmao and it was all claims there wasnt no camera phones back then or nothing…and the reason they wouldnt be around anymore is because when a label has an artist worth a certain amount they will do wtvr it takes to push those who are worth ..less..outta the picture…lmao at the poor people who still believe that TIP who had an INFORMANT (who was the main one involved in the brawl with shawty lo pple and psc) if you even remember what that stand for anymore …lmfaoooo ….is a G…

  • Pimp Squad Clique, sounds real gangster..


    sigh.. lip syncing

  • NYCown

    @deez informant huh? You another one of them fuck niggas who believe in imaginary shit! Who the fuck he tell on and what the fuck tell on then about?! Please let me know! Hating as nigga

  • Spinoza

    “Ru Paul (Asap Rocky Diss)” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSxVkhkEv8o

    Spinoza gets back to the grittiness of what NYC streets is made of with a new track called ‘Ru Paul Niggas” addressing the suspect fashion trend that many rappers is now adapting today and excusing it as “high end fashion”. Tupac & Biggie have both flipped in they grave and im getting reports that Elvis have flipped also. Wow, stay tuned”

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