• LuxuryRap

    18 GRAMMY’S!!!!! And he’s not even going to the show this year hahaaa “all the black categories” when will they ever get it right?

    Oh and I’m excited to see what DONDA will do in 2013!!!

  • mrzee

    the game needs kanye

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    blah blah blah.

  • Jaymalls

    @ 3:57…. OMFG! I fucking lost it! i woke up my bitch n the little baby that lives upstairs from me! This nigga Kanye is TOO REAL FOR THIS BULLSHIT!

  • herohiro

    Crybaby fish sticks any one?

  • LuxuryRap

    “These niggas a go on tv and dance for em and let em play em but THEY NOT ME”

    Nicki Minaj you better not go to the Grammy’s!!!

  • acidrap

    I cant stand this weak ass nigga.His face,his music,

  • acidrap

    Muthafucka is a joke.He uses those ragged ass drums on every song and bites old ass music.He cant do no shit from scratch cause he not a real musician,all he can do is bite other peoples shit or whatever the hot sound is. He dont deserve shit.Even with that chief keef”dont like” remix he had to put his ole corny sounds on there and ruin that beat.I hope that piece of shit dies.

  • King Mathers

    Jesus piece christ, this guy just dont get it. shut the fuck up about your grammy snubs and worthless clothing line, people just dont like it…deal with it. this guy is worse than a woman on her period. i wanna punch this clown in the face.

  • Fish

    Everybody says Kanye doesn’t care about people’s reactions when he does his stupid shit. Looks like they’re wrong.

  • Beaming

    Kanye Wild’n

  • K

    ^ King Mathers

    I like Kanye but that shit had me rolling!!!

  • dll32

    you’s a fuck nigga, that’s the shit Kanye don’t like

  • logan

    kim musta not gave him none lastnite

  • JHP

    I’m a huge fan of Kanye but I’m sorry this was just hilarious. This nigga getting passionate about some damn casinos. I lost it when he started yelling out nahmean a hundred times though. Yeezy just need to calm down, it’s not even all that serious. No other rapper has 18 grammys, he’s still a multi-millionaire, he still has hit singles on the radio, he still always ends up on “best-of the year” list every year, his career is not that bad. I hope this nigga was at least drunk or something when he did this rant

  • Dog The Bounty Hunter

    This guy is so corny definitely bitch made

  • Nathaniel

    y’all may be mad at kanye for being the one saying these things, but he ain’t tellin’ no lies. that’s for sure. not one. the kanye west brand probably is the most influential brand in popular culture. his effect since 2004 – 2012 on every rapper, hip hop sound and direction, and all other genres and artists and art & entertainment in general can’t be denied.

    and everybody knows (the critics said it first) that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was one of the best albums, period, if not the best… across genres, they’d heard in years. it got perfect reviews all across the board. he got snubbed at the grammy’s cuz these white folks hate his black ass. you know it, i know it. but that’s fine. i’m glad 1. he’s finally starting to not give a fuck, 2. he’s boycotting the grammy’s, 3. he still got his support from black people. if he focuses his attention and efforts on us, that won’t go away.

  • Evil

    bitch shit

  • ya’all don’t understand….soon everyone will..

  • Nathaniel

    or i should say, he still has his support not just from Black people, but from the white fans etc who aren’t in positions of power. it’s the power structure who hates that nigga. his thinking is too lofty and independent, and he’s too influential. that makes him a threat to the way they have things set up out here.

  • Black Shady

    lmao this nigga is on something…

  • Slim Baller

    All i hear is a bunch of arrogant bullshit smh. I truly hate kanye he’s like a bitch. He needs to take his head outta his a$$

  • Deuce Bigelow

    That’s a HUGE bitch!

  • Lee go

    The little momma’s boy is crying again? Nothing new here… since momma passed away things haven’t been the same. Cry boy cry

  • Realniggashit

    Rant that’s a strong word to use what about Real talk or speak his mind?

  • JustMyOpinion

    Everybody saying he has to “calm down,” or he’s “arrogant.” IF you were great at what you did AND you felt as though you don’t get the RESPECT you deserve you would react in a similar fashion.

    All Kanye ever say is look; I am creating classics for the people, name another record bigger than “N in Paris”…..I’ll wait. Think about it: There were two of his albums in the “album of the year” category, which doubled his chance of winning, and he still didn’t win.

    So…..for all the people saying he should calm down,” or stop being “arrogant.” So, it safe to say, if you were not receiving the accolades you deserve you would be in a corner somewhere whispering to your friend how unfair things are. OH……then show up to the Grammy’s and “dance for ’em.”


    I swear this nigga got first world problems, it’s always somthing smh

  • @ justanopinion

    “Name another record bigger than Niggas In Paris”

    Oh, I don’t know… Maybe the one that actually WON that award? Rolling In The Deep launches Adele into international superstardom, sold 10 million records and still gets played once an hour on the radio. Shitted all over NIP. He didn’t deserve that award; he just feels like he did.

    The dude is getting EXACTLY the respect that he deserves. That’s a fact. It can be proven, because respect is given by the people, not chosen by the artist, and the amount of respect he recieves is exactly the amount of respect that the people have decided to afford him. If he feels like people should like him more than they do, that’s his problem; and if it hurts his feelings, that’s STILL his problem.

  • @thatshimfuckyou

    all you niggas, got all this personal “mama’s boy” and cry baby shit to say about kanye but you just sstill watched the whole video to talk shit on somebody you Loathe so much..lol keep paying for this niggas lambos with your hateful comments while he keeps pushin out GOOD MUSIC and getttin more bread then you niggas would ever see in your lifetime…lol pussy niggas…CHI TOWN STAND UP

  • Donn

    If ADELE ranted like this or other artists in the industry I wonder what ppl would say? I wanna see Adele rant she didn’t get award or see Beyonce complain

  • yooo acid rap is the most bitter nigga on this site….

  • chillthrills

    this nigga eatin too much chicken,,,this nigga estrogen is showin,,

    oh well my lil mans and dem is hungry check em out

  • HB

    @acidrap & @King Mathers = the same guy with different names.

  • Steve

    He’s right. about everything. I know it. You know it.

  • drew

    kanye is the most important rapper ever

  • Yeezus Christ

    dumb people call it a rant, yeezy speaking real shit

  • Honestly Kanye is just keeping shit real. He’s at least top 5 of all time and people still don’t appreciate what he has done in his career. The adversity he has overcome from Jay Z & the Roc holding him in the background, the car crash that shattered his jaw, his mother’s passing, his dating Kim which gets so much hate. He’s fucking dope and has every right to be an asshole, fuck those people.

    Now If you would like some new music check this kid rippin’ shit!

    *NEW MUSIC* Kylessence The Mixtape!


  • Devante

    Sooner or later he’s gonna slip up a mention he’s gay.

  • Reginald

    TRUE T.E.A.M Presents….
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  • I’ll say this once and don’t care what anyone says:

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was anything but perfect.

    and Niggas in Paris was honestly one of the worst tracks on the album after Lift Off.

    Too many small flaws made MBDTF a good 8.5/10 and NIP was just mehh, but media propaganda kept pushing it over and over and over and forced the people to go with it. Loved the album, bought the album, but NIP and LiftOff, I skip almost every time unless I’m listening through the whole album.

    *drops mic*

  • And also Kanye verses have gone down in quality over the years and people have been gassing him up way too much these days. He has great recent verses here and there though (like New God Flow).

  • a$ap billy

    ima come clean and just say kanye west >>>> tupac and biggie. yup i said what all yall was thinking.best rapper ever.trill ass yeezy.always strive and prosper.fvck swvg.commes des fuckdown.blvckscvle sippin lean.


    This is the deal. His attitude and his fashion and his personality are horrible, but the music is classic so we have to suffer through the bad stuff knowing that we’re going to get some great music out of the deal. If we have to sit through a rant or two it’s a small price to pay.

  • lol im sure kanye is not gonna b crying himself to sleep over a grammy tho….all theatrics

  • watch this

  • big steve

    best rapper of all time

  • King Mathers
  • kbisburning

    @7thEmerson you make zero sense my friend.

    Every time ‘Ye drops something new whether it be a song or a quick 16 it’s a BIG deal

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ just

    We talking rap bro. Isn’t this a rap site.

  • Sylvs

    This nigga is originally a hip-hop artist, but made a R&B album that went platinum …. how the fuck can anyone chat shit?? kanye = musical genius

  • @kbisburning

    Its a BIG deal because its Kanye, but people have to learn to look from outside the box too. Thats why I gave examples of when he has hot recent verses as well.

    Take Niggas in Paris:

    Look at Kanye’s verse on paper, no beat:

    She said Ye can we get married at the mall?
    I said look you need to crawl

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  • JReezy

    As far as Kanye falling off lyrically is concerned, I’ve been saying the same thing. I thought it would be pretty obvious to most people. He may have a nice verse here and there but the decline throughout the years has been painfully apparent.

  • @ justanopinion

    No, we’re not talking rap. That’s a “black” category, and its not good enough for Kanye- weren’t you watching?

    He wants the big awards, he wants to be compared against the big pop artists; that’s pretty much the moral of his entire rant here. But when you put him up against the people that he wants to be compared to, it becomes very obvious that he deserves to lose.

  • ?#NewMusic “The Resum

  • koO

    Kanye’s one of the biggest innovators in the game. He’s part of the reason hiphop producers suddenly got the courage to explore other genres and develop their own style. Hiphop has never been in a more rapid state of evolution and never before has the game embraced diversity as it does now. U might not like his music, or him personally, but u damn well better recognize what he’s done for the the game. Say thank you.

  • dog

    Kanye acts like the world is conspiring against him, and he’s right. Thing is, the world conspires against everyone, that’s man’s way. Problem is, Kanye think’s he’s the only one. So he always be cryin.