New Video: Fabolous x Pusha T “Life Is So Exciting”

In support of his latest project, Loso brings Pusha T along and allows us a glimpse into a day in their lives as they stroll through Art Basel Miami. Exciting, right? Download S.O.U.L. Tape 2 here.


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  • It’s the roc

    Pusha T is clearly a better rapper than Fab. Fab is ill though. But Pusha is a rare breed in this day and age. Good song and vid

  • Kush

    Fab came proper though song is fire

  • Nice vid.

    Terrible hook.

    Fab tryna flow like 2 Chainz. Pusha just off beat.

  • logan

    @its the roc

    you a bitch for that slime! fab is a legend slime! get your mind slime iight

  • It’s the roc


    Ha, no doubt, Fab is a legend. Not taking anything away from him.

    The game is fucked up though, whose album you think Def Jam drops first, Fab’s next album or Trinidad James first album?

  • Slim Baller

    ^Fab is light years ahead of pusha. He (sadly) puts in more work too.

    On another note where and when the fuc is Fab finna drop his album or a single even, fuck I need some fab bangers

  • JustMyOpinion

    How can you knock this? This is a SOLID record.

    @ It’s the roc c’mon son stick to the topic, no one asked whose better. Just watch the vid and enjoy the song. No dis.

  • Aomare

    Anyone else notice Ye’s Givenchy mask pop up in the video?

  • It’s the roc


    You’re right, it’s a good record and good vid. Was just making an observation. But any comments are better than no comments.

  • County of Kings

    Pusha t is a beast but u will soon realize he doesn’t have the skills to carry an entire album by himself. I notice in rap these days niggas become “feature kings” that’s what ima call them cuz they destroy every feature but then they mixtape or album don’t be as good.
    Fab is diverse not a huge mainstream rapper but he dabbles a lil. Pusha gotta get to work, kanye will help him make a complete album. As long as its not 10 songs dissin young money Ima cop it.

  • Young Lucky

    these niggas are plain ol weirdos. how in the fuck is fab better than pusha? what are we judging or basing this shit off of here? fabs came through with more records for the hoes, perhaps you all are some hoe ass niggas hence you saying fab is better. but when it comes to spitting that shit there is no competition with pusha!


  • Kush

    shut the fucc up^ mad emotional LOL. You just mad you not Pusha’s dope chick

  • Reginald

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  • Devante

    Pusha T better then Fab? C’mon do your homework..

  • Fab has the back catalog, he doesn’t need to do shit anymore but he’s still dope. Pusha is always nice too though, looking forward to that solo album.

    Take a couple minutes to check out some hot shit from PA.

    Kylessence the mixtape:

  • zepequeno

    That trendy Meek Mill, 2 Chainz flow is wack as fuck. Fab can do MUCH better than follow that trend.

  • Elsonz

    Pusha T weak and is 37 year sold dressin like a mini mi Asap Rocky SMH

  • Space Ghost

    PUSH!!!!!! Yeaaah

  • kbisburning

    Not liking the black and white vid when the song is called “Life Is So EXCITING”… Pretty plain. Good song nonetheless.

  • LikeJordan45

    Pusha washes Fab and now niggas Pusha haters lol NONE of Fab’s records are connecting with a larger audience. It’s strictly you day 1 ass niggas still waiting on a breakthrough from a cat who never dropped a classic album in 11 years

  • jesus

    fab had some real mcs on this mixtape

  • jesus


  • areal1

    Nah push is nice but c’mon he can’t fuc wit Fab

  • The Other P

    Fab been dope & is still dope. Loso’s Way was classic & all the mixtapes since have been heat. What other NY mc that’s on a mainstream level has dropped better material consistently over the last 3-4 years? Hov is the only mc I can think of. Soul Tape 2 was one of the best mixtapes to drop this year.

    Pusha T gets busy, no question. My only concern is he may suffer from Jadakiss Sydrome(kills all features but can’t put out a quality album to save his life.)

  • trae

    that push verse tho >

  • The original lucci

    Soul tape 2 is hot!!!

  • _R

    What the fuck do niggas be in here talking about Fab got more hits than 95% of rappers starting with his first album… He knows how to reinvent himself which is the only way to stay relevant in rap at this point wouldn’t ever count him out

  • Ceaze

    This nigga push was in Nigeria last weekend and almost got stoned by d fans…awfull performance too much frank lucas talk.fraudulent ass rick ross is more believable than this nigga

  • Darrell

    You guys acting like FAB do not do his thing on mixtapes. I admit I haven’t bought a FAB album since “Real Talk,” though.

  • onenutned

    this hook is ass..the visual is dope….and Push is better then Fab but Fab catalog>>>Push career

  • This is a tough song and video.Pusha that guy and Fab.I been fucking w/ this song
    Loch 50 Cent ft. Eminem and Adam Levine My Life freestyle:

  • my dude fab has literally been doing the running man his whole career, never really went uphill for it to go downhill…

  • @countyofkings if a pusha t album came out, expect the track list to resemble a game album…

  • wow


  • room2roam

    i cant take pusha serious with his hair like that.. guess im not a thug