New Mixtape: 9th Wonder Black American Gangster


No stranger to remixing albums, earlier today 9th released his version of Hov’s 2007 album American Gangster. Tracklist and download after the jump.

I wanted Black American Gangster to sound like a 70’s soundtrack, or to sound like a bunch of 70s groups came through and rocked with Jay…Therefore…I put “featuring” on a lot of the jams…..hope yall enjoy #BlackAmericanGangster


Download here


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  • KBZ

    yes !!! 9th wonder is actually touching one of jayz’s most lyrical albums.cant wait to hear this.

  • Would love to be able to stream before downloading.

  • xeroxmoney


  • Reginald

    Kenny Thomas – True Muzik
    Free Download Link –

  • a$ap billy

    what a fuckin biter omg!!! this guy 9th wonder cant produce for he had to bite jay-z album name smh ugh.pretty flacko would never do sonething so shameless.always strive and prosper.trillllllllaaaaaaaa

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    instant download!
    jay-z + 70s samples = hiphop bliss

  • Slim Baller

    Is today 2013 or 1993?? Oh wait yeah it’s 2013 get with the times smh ..this will get a lot of play in my recycle bin

  • Black Shady

    whats with people hating on this???? LOL I noticed the 1 asap troll…but that other guy hating smh

    I’ll check it out!!!!

  • Realshyt

    9th wonder is sick! If jay did a album with 9 th wonder then his body of work would be complete.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Happy New Year! Look forward to new music from ya boy BK every week during Post-Apocalyptic Bliss Tuesdays! I hope you enjoy the first song:

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    Im Actually not feeling it though off the first listen. I think I prefer the ‘Brooklyn Soul’ remix that came out a while back

  • vtsoldier2919

    This is actually very dope!! Don’t let the comments fool you into thinking that this isn’t hot!!! It’s actually better than the actually album!! Props to ninth for improving on what was dope in its own right!!

  • FTW

    People that hate on this have no fucking idea what they’re talking about. “That 9th Wonder Guy”? Are you fucking serious? 9th is responsible for half the hip hop classics of the last decade. But these ignorant fucks wouldn’t know that because they don’t listen to or even like hip hop.

  • no respect for 9th Wonder is def a sign of hip hop degrading. Def going to download this

  • How Wonderful…

    K Def remixed this album like three or four years ago. 9th isnt the first to do it.

  • istackdaboss

    I f*cks with FTW. Those that know anything about 9th Wonder, knows that one of his trademarks is to find classic albums in their own right and give it a twist of his own flavor. Secondly, if you are a hip hop head, you already know that 9th wonder is responsible for some of Jay-z’s biggest hits. He can do this now because his approach to music is eons beyond some of these simpleton producers out right now. There aren’t too many in the game as we speak with an ear and appreciation for music like 9th…But this wouldn’t be hip hop if there weren’t any opposition…right? No #Wonder!!! # Classic