• Lowkey

    Ransom* not “Random” smh

  • Slim Baller

    Who? Smh irrelevant …

  • Ran

    Damn Joe budden & fab took off while stack bundles & ransom died smh

  • Wack cover…

  • Joe Lake


  • Reginald

    TRUE T.E.A.M Presents….
    Kenny Thomas – True Muzik
    Free Download Link – http://www.mediafire.com/?0kq5hfjxw28ofgk

  • New Jersey

    This shit WEAK……

  • Elsonz

    I had to listen just for da Stack Bundles verse

  • worrrd!!!

    you did a lot of wailing on this mixtape,,,,,,no songs stand out,,,,sound like a bunch of rhymes,,,work on writing songs that people that work hard and are wiling to spend there money on,,in other words relate to your consumers

  • a$ap Billy

    I never liked this nigga.he sucks. a wanna be a$ap rocky. you would never be my migga.afuckkkkkkkkkkkongggggsapppp nigga u hear me nigga? begone !

  • dsunn723

    get outta here…….talking bout the last don. i never seen a don that broke in my life. stop it

  • SnubDuff

    All ya niggas stupid , ransom come with the heat 24 7 ya niggas like that dick suck music