• Damn weezy…hot verse

  • Chronic

    This is horrible

  • Slim Baller

    What the fuc is this lol

  • LJ

    Lil wanye?…. Ok.

  • Fresh Jordans

    Weezy is that nigga yesterday today and tomorrow.

  • Acapella

    They should fire the clown that made this cover. Lil Wanye?

  • Andrew

    I like Missy’s verse…

  • The Guy

    how it this a party anthem…?

  • zezzoi

    This beat is horrible, only wayne did good on it

  • @donricoesq

    Prefer when Timbo is behind the boards and not on the mic but it seems every producer is feelin themselves

    Missy is nice on this

  • Fuck You

    i like that they spelled lil wayne’s name wrong in the artwork

    FEAT. WANYE WEST!!!!!!

    Seriously though… MISSY KILLLLLLLLT THAT SH*T!!!!!!

  • Yeezus Christ

    timbo sucks

  • Balla

    Triple Threat had me thinking Timbo was back. This shit is garbage

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  • worrrd!!!

    why lil gayne rhyme like he be puttin in work in them streets,,,,this nigga is the weakest blood ever,,,30 year old man skateboarding,,,,niggas is corny,,,,,,and of yeah missy laced it,,,,at least the way she does

  • @worrrd!!!!says

    Calm your little ass down.. It’s the first day of the year and you are already putting in work.. Hating lol. Who told you a 30 year old cant skate lol. Tune earned the right to do whatever he pleases.. he changed the game. Love it or not

  • ESS

    the beat is simple and hot!.. lil wayne was off beat tho smh this nigga is stupid he keeps playin with us why

  • Scrilla[MTV’s 2012 Hottest MC’s in the game, Young Jeezy in 1st place]]

    This is turible(Charles Barkley voice)

  • Midsize Jerm

    Best track of 2013! Ha. There’s a hot beat hidden somewhere under all the doo-doo.

    In other news, I’ve launched a weekly music series.


  • Therealist

    HAHAHA THIS GO SO HARD! YOU CANT FUCK WIT MISSY! SHE OG! and YOU CANT FUCK wit WAYNE HE GO HARD !, BLEH TPAIN… you just gotta deal wit his shis till they stop hittin him up lol
    hahaha if you hatin they laughin at you 😀

  • eastpointvet

    missy strongest verse definitely


    Missy Wins

  • asdfghjkl

    Wanye nigga