• Lil Majer The Cartune

    Turn up!

  • It’s the roc

    KILLER!! Woooooo

  • Hip Hop DX Ninja

    Fuck this site. HHDX is the truth.

  • NYCown

    Tip killed that shit #Troubleman

  • NYCown

    That nigga Luda so damn corny

  • yung


  • Wil o

    Nice flow..

  • C-will

    Let me sew it up, Luda kilt it.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Happy New Year! Look forward to new music from ya boy BK every week during Post-Apocalyptic Bliss Tuesdays! I hope you enjoy the first song:

  • onenutned

    luda got ate…no frank ocean.

  • vicious liar

    this video just proves again why big boi is the best rapper to ever do it.at this point hes better than biggie and tupac

  • MJ

    Now I’m a true Big Boi fan, but I swear he makes the wackest videos solo. His last album was filled with wack videos too. He needs to get with directors who are known for making great videos on a low budget. I really hope somebody from Big Boi’s camp reads this.

  • MJ

    P.S. These wack videos are part of the reason why his album sales have been so low despite their acclaim. It matters how you present yourself. Take as much pride in the visuals as you do in the music. Otherwise, just don’t put out visuals!

  • ^ i dont think he wants pple paying too much attention to the actual visuals, when its like that people dont pay attention as much to the lyrics…

  • JustMyOpinion

    Call the coroner Luda killed it.

    Why is the video so shaky?

  • MJ


    I understand what you’re getting at, but if that is the case, why put out a visual at all?

  • MJ

    Look at OutKast’s videos. The songs were awesome, and the videos were out there. B.O.B for instance.

  • Jtooreal83

    Does any one else feel Luda last line was a subliminal to ti?

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Luda is not a stranger to going at cats while sharing the same record,(Think: Young Buck “Stomp”)

  • Freshness

    Big tune… Super wack visuals!

  • I love that BIG stays true to himself every time. This prolly one of his BEST solo albums!! #ATL #F.I.L.A. #ATLIENS

  • K.I.N.G

    @Jtooreal83 i believe so but at this point Luda is desperate tryna beef with anyone for any given reason to get himself back relevant, and Tip murked him on this anyway

  • Too too dope this song and vid.

  • el rey

    I guess it’s a shot to 2 chainz

  • DoinTooMuch

    @Jtooreal83 More like a subliminal to 2chainz.

  • Reginald

    Kenny Thomas – True Muzik
    Free Download Link – http://www.mediafire.com/?0kq5hfjxw28ofgk

  • A-TOWN back in dis BEEESH!!! Glad to have been a part of this project!! You heard Big Boi say “C-Bone will show you how the glock work #POW..!!” Be on the look out for the BANGER “College Park” by Blackowned C-Bone f/ Jermaine Dupri #HoodHardGang #BlackownedENT #WeOutChea

  • Mak

    This go hard, Tip destroyed it

  • Evil

    Wack video.
    I bet Big Boi paid more for his ugly ass outfit than what he did for the video.

  • H2FD

    The beat is crazy!

  • Darkwing

    In the words of Tribe Called Quest , Check the Rhymes ! Big and Tip Murdered this shit , and will destroy ya favorite rapper Suckersssss!!!! ATL HOE

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  • HB

    @vicious liar, <– your name serves you right. big boi is ill, but c'mon dog.

  • RobinScru

    check my new song out please and let me hear some honest opinions .

  • BKLYN44

    T.I.P!!!!Nuff Said……

  • Nuff Said

    Ludacris is dissing Field Mob with that last line, not T.I. or 2Chainz

    He’s talking about coke head rappers with that last line.