J.Cole Born Sinner Delayed

This comes as no surprise, but during hisĀ arrival at TAO in Vegas for his NYE celebration, Cole reveals his sophomore album will not be arriving on January 28. After the jump, is a recap of his performance.


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  • Slim Baller


  • priime dawg

    he needs to step it up tho, miss america was aight but nothing special

  • priime dawg

    my bad, verse on game’s album was ill


    dhis nigga is butt. they need to push his wig back instead of his album, smh !!!!!!!!!!

  • Donn


  • fsl4lfe

    k dont get mad when your shit leaks a month early

  • Yeezus Christ

    it will flop miss america was horrible and he will not have a hit single without a feature, probably wont even have a hit single,

  • DMVinyourchick

    Lol back to hatin^^? Niggaz said work out for me wouldn’t do shit and I believe it’s platinum by now, he sampled kanyes worst song into a hit, and his album went gold so stfu even tho Friday night lights was better

  • Mo

    FOH to those saying Miss America was horrible It was dope but not a single type of song. A push back was inevitable. He can’t put out the album on Jan 28th with no buzz. It wouldn’t make sense.

  • it’s the roc

    at this rate old boy is gonna drop another mixtape before born sinner. i can already feel it.

  • Word

    Anyone surprised by this? I don’t think anyone truly expected it this month. But Cole needs to stop resting on his laurels. All this not speaking to the media or dropping material shit ain’t gonna help his cause. I’m not saying flood the market, but come on? Cole was asleep throughout 2012 and expected to drop an album at the top of 2013??

    The Pray verse on Jesus Piece was amazing tho.


    This was all part of the plan. Miss America was dope as hell. Cole about to change the game. Sit back and watch haters. Now maybe we will get that Kendrick tape.

  • Boog

    When is the last time an artist kept their original release date, it’s becoming quite annoying. These artists/labels need to make sure everything is in order before they tease fans with a release date and then not drop.

  • LuxuryRap

    What’s taking so long? We should have gotten a new J. Cole album in 2012.

  • Jax

    Blame outlets like MTV and the media machines that back them. Only artist talking about negative topics get pushed. Its 2013 and nothings changed in the hip hop game.

  • Black Hank Moody

    Maybe all you guys who sit here and comment about this shit should start a label..since yall seem to know how everything works…yall are all idiots…and i say that disrespectfully…

  • JHP

    Even Cole said himself a while back that the January 28th date was far fetched, and he said at the end of Miss America that they’ll never play it on the radio. The song was alright, but it really wasn’t single material, it’s really more so mixtape material to me. He needs a strong first single that will do good on the radio. It he can duplicate Work Out’s success he’ll be good. He needs to get his feature game up too. Cole went into hibernation, he needs to get his buzz back up

  • a$ap billy

    now we could focus on asap rocky. fuck this mediocre rapper. trillllllaaaaaaa!


    lol @a$ap billy you keep listening to that rocky album for the 2 or 3 good songs it has. rocky ft skrillex, that right there is laughable…

  • M.T

    A pushback was inevitable but Miss America was dope. shit is still on repeat.

  • the brain trust

    Don’t think this caught anyone by surprise.

    Hope he comes correct with this album (after his relatively disappointing debut).

    Cole World!

  • Loaded

    don’t nobody wanna hear this yellow nigga

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  • COOK

    Cole is going to sell records. You going to get many Game Pray type verses on Born Sinner.

  • Blackjew
  • Black Shady

    yall niggas acting like its not a COLE WORLD..


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  • Original Ty

    He will probably get a more solid date when Electronica FINALLY gets his project out of the way…. I can’t see Hov putting them out in the same quarter. I’m doubtful but hopeful Electronica is close….sheesh.

  • Theunderated

    ^maybe in this decade we will hear new electronica