• Ridalen

    They probably got a cool 500k off that appearance

  • CarreraLu

    When Kanye goes to a club, he has to listen to some play his music from a mac book? Cause I am sure he hasn’t gotten enough of it after producing, recording, mastering, and preforming it.

    I guess he is asking for it.. http://rapradar.com/2012/06/18/the-throne-niggas-in-paris-12-times/

  • Black Shady

    tmz shit………………who cares



    more like 10mill

  • IIG

    Tell me something when Kanye got some new music. He hasn’t been worth a damn since he went full time with old girl. He singlehandedly ruined the Cruel Summer promotion and release by his lack of involvement.

  • JayJ

    I agree, this isn’t TMZ. You all are free to post whatever you like but trust that Rap Radar will lose all credibility if there are constant posts on Kim Kardahian’s pregnancy. Posts should be on Kanye’s music, not what he has festering in Kim Kardashian’s body.

  • I still don’t understand why people care about her. She doesn’t annoy me but our culture where people follow these celebs around just to see them explains all the problems we have…they are just human beings like you and I ffs.

  • Donn

    If u care enough to comment then u care too, the irony