• Dog The Bounty Hunter

    I might check this tape out if Kay Slay isn’t shouting all over it like the last one

  • Slim Baller

    I see Kay slay be steady dropping trash

  • yella

    Fred da godson will get his chance…Bars over everything

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  • Devante

    Kayslay had the worst collabs

  • Chris

    Is that bitch on the cover supposed to be sexy? Looks busted…

  • good to see some the new breed working on some good ish

  • Dj Clue

    Trash! I Swear,,I Wish Kay Slay Would Retire.. He Sux! Always Acting Like He’s Tough!

    That Fat Bastard Is Bad For Hip Hop

  • RobinScru

    check my new song out and let me know what ya think , honest opinion. please and thank you

  • Yo Son!

    Lol damn slay..

  • Wigz

    Souljaboy fans screaming?

  • niggasiswack


  • wouzi

    bars of jokes!!!!!