styles p you bum ass nigga. you should’ve been on another level already. stop wasting my time.

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  • Lfromda860

    Fuck outta here nigga (Jaguar) this shit fiyah! You prolly one of dem cars that listen to Future or Slim Thug. Stupid fuck! Styles switches his flow plenty. It just so happens he is a REAL street dude…with REAL life issues like most of us in the world. He doesn’t conform to industry politics like other artists do, but he also tries to drop jewels for the hungry and those that seek motivation through his rhymes. I’m sure by doing so it serves as an outlet to help not only him distress but help the aforementioned build for themselves. All that hippitty hoppity shit, jewels, bitches, cars, and clothes is cool….but the most common person either doesn’t have or practice all that bullshit. Learn how to properly evaluate the melody, baseline, samples if any, and lyrics of a song before you give criticism. Not only that, but the nigga just did a song with Ricky Ross [BMF]. Plus he works with plenty of other artists as well. It’s dumb fucks like you that push for the surgence if dumb shit that’s on the radio nowadays. And it’s dumb fucks like you that are the reason why this world is so fucked up today…besides terrorists and biggests.