• Da Business

    Best cut on the lp.

    Huge Outkast fan, greatest duo to ever do it. But I wasn’t really feelin’ the lp and it really hurts my

    heart to say that. Sir Lucious Left Foot was official, Vicious Lies… not so much.

  • Darkwing

    Dope Performance !!!! ^^^ Stay off them Bath Salts VLDR is a fuckin Masterpiece !!!

  • 3rdRail

    I gotta co-sign Darkwing. I almost did not give the album a chance. I checked it out on Spotify and was surprised by how dope it was, so I went and copped it a few days later. I definitely support good music.

    My favorite tracks:

    1. The Thickets
    2. Apple of my eye
    3. Objectum Sexuality {Should be the next single to me]
    4. Shoes for Running

    To me, if he would have stayed in the lane of these songs for the entire album, he would have been onto something really fresh an new. But I understand some people want the same old style of song so he could not veer off too much from the formula.

  • MJ

    Sick song, awesome performance. Love the album.

  • Blackjew