• RobinScru

    check my new song out and let me know what ya think , honest opinions. please and thank you

  • Midsize Jerm

    So when does Food & Liquor II pt. 2 come out? I’m sure there’s still three or four people waiting for that.

    In other news, I’ve launched a weekly music series called Post-Apocalyptic Bliss Tuesdays. I hope you enjoy the first cut:


  • Sometimes you gotta say man… The Roots are brilliant.

  • on a different note..food and liquor and the cool were both such dope albums

  • if anyone replies to me saying some dumb shit im automatically going to assume its action bronson, dude took my tweets to the heart and left like 10 subliminals directed towards me…i guess he do need assistan(ts)ce..

  • if i could rap i’d start out my action bronson diss RITE NOW..

  • Slim Baller

    F&L 2 was the third best album of the year behind Nas nd Kendrick so fuck off

  • action bronson^^

  • Tokyo Tony

    Lupe is the GOAT…