New Music: Mac Miller x Ab-Soul “All The Time”


Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids steps behind the MPC on this new cut featuring Mac Miller and Ab-Soul. Give it a listen, it’s worth the time.


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  • I def’ fucks with it, Mac has been on a different track lately and needs to change that, can’t never get enough of Soul brother number 2!

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  • Batman

    I usually applaud Mac’s creativity because thats what most rappers lack, but this shit is not good.

  • This nigga

    Kind of disappointed Soulo didn’t have a full verse but the tracks pretty dope. Chuck did his thing

  • Slim Baller

    I saw Mac step out of his comfort zone recently which normally I enjoy, but I haven’t with him. Last song he had that was dope wa “Loud” which was only good cuz of the beat

    • B.Dot

      Loud was real good. This wasn’t bad. But wasn’t great.

  • mac DIESEL




  • pluck43

    where’s ab soul on this???

  • Chris

    Kinda sleepy and boring. When that’s project with Pharrell dropping?

  • Skinny Jeens

    Dude just threw ab on here for attention…

  • floridaboy

    mac diesel i thought you died

  • Fire Marshall D.O.O.B

    I NEED an Ab-Soul verse on this hoe!!!! Where TF is it???? #UNIT6 beeeeitches!

  • shawn

    get paid to watch porn at very real!!!!!

  • Midsize Jerm

    I respect that MAc is trying to expand his sound and try new things, but all that ‘evolution’ doesn’t mean shit since he’s still coming with his nursery rhyme flow and sticking to the absolute basics as far as subject matter. Sure, he switches up his flow, but on paper his verses are nearly indistinguishable. This is better than some of the crap he’s been putting out lately, but it’s still pretty boring and uninspired. The Ab-Soul bridge is dope, but not enough to get a replay out of me, which is the case with just about every song from Mac. I haven’t bumped a Mac track more than once or twice since K.I.D.S.

    In other news, I’ve launched a weekly music series called Post-Apocalyptic Bliss Tuesdays. Here’s the first cut:

  • Lethargic1

    I like the instrumental.

  • Reginald

    Kenny Thomas – True Muzik
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  • Phucku Dusumtin

    That shit was babbage

  • this shit is dope…. mac i see you on ur unpredictable shyt loll thats wutsup cool record man ur creativity is underappreciated but it in time i feel a lot of ppl will catch on. gotta say yo i love a lot of shyt comin out the past few years hip hop or w.e niggas wanna call it (and argue like hoes over each others personal opinions ) which i could respect if u dont like something but most of the time i feel like most of your opinions dont hold any real weight. sadly it kinda sounds like jealousy … not a big fan of the word “hate” .. but yo mac drop another mixtape macadelic was great and yo soul wuts good with that next mixtape ? yo every member od tde just drop all ur albums on the same day it would be like fuckin christmas for mothefuckers ill scoop all em legally im serious lol i support this dope new era better than old era age of rap lol haha i sed it yea i sed it hate “me now motherfuckers!!! kendrick the new pac ! yea i sed it all !!! ahahahahaaaaa fuck uz all

  • a$ap is killin shyt too all tde krit action bronson yo honestly theres mad ppl dnt even get me started cuz im high and dont feel like typin motherfuckers loll