• ain’t nobody checking for them.. on this blog

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  • Jus10

    I’m starting to like this new Slum. They have something to prove again, and T3 is pushing harder with the lyrics. It’s enjoyable again. The first verse killed it…

  • Dog The Bounty Hunter

    This is dope

  • RobinScru

    check me out on the second verse tho , song is fireeeee! http://youtu.be/bTm8SEaTPJE

  • Blackjew

    Check the new good music artist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHxEMa0MnLw&sns=tw

  • Tru school .. This ish goes hard.. Salute

  • Marko-V

    Witout Elzhi tho not really feeling em. We all have our favorites and bias carries along wit that.



  • Showboat

    I have to agree with Marko. Elzhi was the whole reason I even gave Slum another listen. Without him to me they are wack sauce.

  • KillaCali

    Cant front shh is a banger Guilty killed this joint

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    Dope but no ELZHI forgetabout it

  • FrankBrowse

    I have to agree with Marco. Elzhi is slum whole reason I even gave another listen. http://www.obdiag4u.com

  • missedgyc

    Good :-)d

  • niggasiswack

    wheres el?