New Video: Wax “We Can’t All Be Heroes”

Wax comes through to save the day with his new recording off his upcoming album, Continue… Everyone can’t be your Superman. Album drops January 15th.

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  • Ushittinme

    Eh. Production is dope. I feel what he saying but not how he saying it.

  • Django

    This song is trash. Not hatin, just sayin. Beat sucks. Rhymes suck. Story is not compelling. Voice is annoying.

  • Marko-V

    Now this is what blogs are for! Never heard of Wax now after checking this out finna search for more music and visuals from the dude. This is song is pretty refreshing actually and I’m sure there’s something more I can vibe to in the catalog. Good lookin B.Dot.


  • foo

    Yo Django, you’re trash

  • Django

    Good point

  • Ernesto

    @Django, are you fucking serious? “I love writing, but why? I’m clueless, it’s peaceful, yet deceitful, like a buddhist judas” And you think the rhymes suck? The rhymes are great, the story, beat and flow are great.

  • Django

    His flow falls off constantly, especially in the line you quoted. It’s honestly not all his fault cuz that beat is shitty and lacks any sort of pace. I dunno I’m not gonna sit here and bicker over individual bars, but I think this song sounds forced.

  • Nick b

    Wax keep spitting that real shit and I will keep fly with you and herbal like I have since day 1 macgregor days. You guys commenting days down below need to get your ears checked or go back and listen to this because this shit is heat rocks….can’t wait for the album big wax!

  • Elsonz

    this is cold., i fux with it

  • diggad

    dude this is amazing you guys are trippin

  • I’m going to scoop the album after hearing this.

    Happy to see big wax might finally get on!