New Music: Angel Haze “Shut The Fuck Up”


Well that was fast. Not too long after Azealia’s response, Angel retaliates back over ‘Pac’s “Abitionz Az A Ridah” instrumental. Hopefully, Ms. Banks doesn’t take the title literally. This is getting good.

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  • Kaylo

    This was tooooo good. Azealia has been ethered. Battle over. They are two different levels


    wow…. cassidy bruh what the heck????? niggas cant get a diss song… you said on breakfest club if he dropped a diss you would come with the ether these two bihs out working the Gawd?? and you say you run philly??? come on MEEK WON… DONT DEBATE ME…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    These girls are going harder than these guys. They actually name drop unlike Ludacris, Pusha T, Drake, and all these other pussy rappers.

  • Professor Oak

    This is really some FEMALE SHIT….How the fuck you hang out with somebody but you got a diss song about them in the stash just in case they act funny.

    WTF?! That some hoe shit….But as a hip-hop listener this was pretty good.

  • Lawd A Mercy

    But she hasn’t rapped about the reason she’s put out a diss track YET? She went ham on twitter all because AB made a generalization of Non-Native New Yorkers claimin New York…Yet she hasn’t brought it up once in either diss….Please Angel Haze, Tell us why you REALLY mad?!?!

  • Evil

    Angel Haze most impressive so far.She responded fast too!
    This beef is getting interesting.

    Guys should take notes,this is how you diss a person,no weak ass subliminal shots like these fuck niggas are doing.Call them out by name and act like a man,not a pussy.

  • Scrilla[MTV’s 2012 Hottest MC’s in the game, Young Jeezy in 1st place]]

    This is getting faker than WWE

  • Midsize Jerm

    Damn the girl going hard, bound to be a good look for her career. She’s proved she can spit, while Banks is floundering. Her diss just couldn’t compare to these two from Haze. I didn’t give a shit about either artist at the start of this, but now I have some newfound respect for Haze. It don’t really matter why they beefing to me, all I care is getting some dope new music, and on that count, Angel Haze has delivered.

    In other news, I’ve launched a weekly music series called Post-Apocalyptic Bliss Tuesdays. I hope you enjoy the first cut:

  • It’s the roc

    What’s gonna happen when these 2 see eachother at the BET Awards aka Summer Slam? There’s going to be blood and weaves everywhere

  • Nein6ixx

    ^^ agree with this guy

  • Nein6ixx

    above that guy lmao ^^

  • Diamonds

    Its hard to even listen to these disses. Although Nicki Minaj has switched up on us we still can/could hear the hunger and that she actually has bars even niggas can’t fuck with. This shit here is for the birds. Azealia Banks sucks, from her beat selection to how she raps. She had one song when she switched it up and sang too and that was the hottest shit she had cause she could actually sing.

    First who is Angel Haze? Why is she beefing with A Banks other than she is a girl, Is this beef credible? The only thing saving this battle is that they are actually “manning up” unlike these niggas rapping and saying names and actually coming out with diss records within 24-48hrs like it should be.

    @Kaylo your opinion sucks. If this was “toooooo good” then I’m quitting giving female rappers a chance

  • Yeezus Christ

    who the hell is angel haze

  • NOVA

    This is really horrible. If the diss gonna come this quick….URL-TV this shit and get it over wit! SUMMER MADNESS 3! lol.

    Seriously tho, no disrespect to Angel Haze…but this is just not good. Its not fiery. Sounds weak and rushed.

    and lol to “itstheroc”‘s comment. LMAO!

  • Havent listened yet, but based on how fast the song was out, this really strikes me as something that was in the stash like someone above mentioned, which would be shady as shit since they were friends before. Reminds me of the Royce 5″9/D12 beef when Royce was chilling with them but had mad diss songs already recorded.

    If this truly was recorded on the quick, then this makes Haze look desperate because if I was wrapping and someone dissed me, I’m not going to RUN to the studio like im in a hurry to respond. Azealia, no matter how here or there her fanbase is, has a fanbase already. Haze needs this more than Banks does.

  • *rapping

  • Why is this reminding of Jay vs. Nas / 2 pac vs. Biggie. Not with the same lyrical prowess or whatever. Anywho, this beef is stupid and random.

    Let it go ladies.


    this is pretty lame, az needs to focus on her career and this angel haze girl is eating up all of az’s publicity. this is what happens when someone who isn’t famous beefs with someone who is. the non-famous people are really desperate for any kind of coverage, like multiple posts on blogs like RapRadar.

    angel haze knows what she is doing, this is a business move, she is trying to get free publicity.

  • matrix

    LMAO!! NA She BODIED THAT SHIT THO!!! Shit is still fake as fugg…but she definitely violated LMAO…didnt expect that..

  • Kaylo

    @Diamonds. Your opinion sucks.

  • Diamonds

    @7thEmerson Don’t comment anymore lol. You clearly haven’t done your rap history homework. Diss records are best served as soon as possible. Yeah, hurry in the studio and handle your biz. Like how “Ether” was made, it makes battling that much more interesting and displays the artist’s raw talent

  • How someone with the name Diamonds come out with a statement so bronze like? Rap history shows that the best disses were ones where the opponent took the time to make something amazing. The best disses can still be listenable years later and not throwaways. People still bump Takeover, people still bump Ether. Hell, you can still bump a lot of G-Unit’s disses. No one will be talking about this even a week from now. Plus, what was the day-to-day for me is YOUR homework. I lived through those times. If Haze wants to blow up off this, she should take her time and come up with something so amazing, that not only would it be a hot diss, but a hot track as well.

    Please take a bit to think over all of that.

  • Also another fail was how you mentioned Ether. That song was released a while after Takeover was made, not 15-20 min.

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    You know whats really sad (Cough…Meek Mill)…these gals have more balls than the niggas. At least they’re battling :/ Trustory.

    On a side note. Diss or not…at least attempt to mix your shit before you release. Sounded like it was recorded on a Nokia brick…

  • Word on other sites is that this recorded fast because Haze allegedly did record her track “On the Edge” a while ago and Banks outed her on it.

  • Chronic

    Wow. A rap beef between 2 female artists neither of whom have actually made it yet. Why should I care?

  • Kaylo

    Check the lyrics. This shit is dope regardless of what anyone says!

  • Joe Lake

    cotdamn! now thats rap:) ahhh it’s so refreshing

  • the One

    Ya this is real hip hop … Just don’t know the premise of where all this is coming from , as it really sounds like someone just wanting someone else’s shine . Actually this is just like regular bitch shit, hoes going after hoes for no reason, just cause one is walked in with a man and the other one didn’t !!!lol! Oh well bitches will be bitches ,but Miss Haze please state the infraction meaning what’s the beef about???? ” Why you Mad?” If you don’t have a reason then really AB has no reason to waist her time with this bs.

  • dave

    Haze 2 banks 0
    just have lesbian sex already

  • Donn

    Least they saying names u like Pusha and Drake and shit. This in ur face beef, it is a waste of time but if its for the sport fuck it

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    Hoe shit. Pretend to be cool until something remotely sideways is mentioned, then you diss repeatedly. Fuck this chick and her career, no respect for fake niggas or fake bitches.

  • .

    Wow the women are more hip hop than the nikkas they actually go at each other on wax even if it’s ehhhh it’s still cool ay atleast it creates art

  • Circle

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis Why the hell should Ludacris call someone out by name that’s irrelevant?

    So the bummy nigga he’s dissing can have more exposure?

    That would be foolish! Why help a washed up rapper get a new fanbase?

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  • Belize


  • lilrizq

    Can’t we all just get along ladies, they need to laid down together to release that sexual tension. Now look at this Ad I edited for my homie at Club Palazzo.

  • kayandgee

    wow i actually like this beef, atleast they actually responding to each other. azealia banks is a better artist but angel more harder when it comes to this beef shit. whats next ladies?

  • PistolPistol

    Agree w crucial^… Thought that same shit. Who is she to get publicity off PACs joint?
    Just saying… Earn that shit and this ain’t the way

  • HK