New Video: Jim Jones “Judge Me”

Featuring screen shots of your favorite site, Jomo personalizes Chris Brown’s hit for his new video. Only God can judge, but it seems like bloggers beat him to the punch. Guilty as charged.

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  • Joe Lake

    Fade to the back

  • shawn

    This sound real nice i like it

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  • Needs to get back to adlibs and Carrying Cam’s bags

  • County Of Kings

    its funny how nigga wanna glorify everytime they’ve been arrested to show how gangsta you are. where the clip of this nigga doing a hundred meter dash outta rucker park, and hop that fence like lolo jones???
    cuz thats real shit too aint it? niggas walk around like they undefeated.

  • sam n wessin

    Fuck jenny jones Rip Stack Bundles