• Chris

    Noreaga’s career for the last 10 years has been a textbook of bad decision after decision move. This new name change is just another pathethic.

    That said, the joint ain’t bad at all. A French hook and a Pusha verse is a sure fire way to have some hotness right now.

  • zeee


  • Chris

    And the video is hilariously corny. He went around Liv saying hi to rappers and then saying “hey can ya look at the camera real quick and throw up a piece sign?”…

  • LMAO at entire video of rappers and video hos being bad at sports

  • Black London


    Soooo… Victor, you dedicate a video/song who’s hook goes [and I quote], “My chopper goes Tadow..” to a guy that allegedly comitted suicide by SHOTTING himself in the head!?

    Kinda stupid don’t you think.


    N.O.R.E, you’re you “mature” (in age) for this shit. Stay off that young boy shit (pause) and spit some grown man bars, you’ll be respected more for it.


  • Joe Lake

    You better respect my PAPI !!

  • mike

    I rolled my window and I said “what’s up? fuck you” and I rolled my shit back up

  • he def. picked the perfect features…give em that one def..

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Chris He literally did do that ha ha ha ha ha

  • JR

    Damn this song was trash pusha t could’nt even save it.

  • dave

    people need to stop puttin 2 chainz on songs.this guy is so fuckin whack.i could deal with french but 2chainz and his abc elementary shit kills me.and nore is only good when he works with pharrell.

  • DK

    The messed up thing is that 2 Chainz may actually have a mild form of down syndrome…

  • GTFO

    Once this song start bubbling. All of y’all will start dick riding and saying how you knew it was hit.

  • Anon DCPL

    this shit is trash yo.



  • bry from Boston

    Juat saw this video on MTV jams and my god.. I am in no way a haters what so ever but! FRENCH MONTANA IS THE DEFINITION OF ANYONE IN THE WORLD CAN DO WHAT HE DOES. ITS AN INSULT TO THE MUSIC I LOVE AKA RAP MUSIC. HIS STYLE TAKES NO EFFORT MAN, FOR REAL. BAD BOY ENTERTAINMENT/PUFF DADDY FROM 97′ MY GOD YOU LET THE CULTURE DOWN…GO FROM CHRISTOPHER WALLACE TO A GUY WHO CLAIMS TO BE A COKE.. THERE YA GO SNITCH ON ITSELF BY SAYING YOU SELL BLOW.. MONGOLOID! hes on bone crushers, gorilla blacks, lord tariqs level and make Skeelo the underdog look like a multi-grammar nominated legend.. French Montana.. Not a G.. A camera man that licked rappers ass to get interviews.. I sound like a haters.. Im not.. Just upset someone like him can be “hot” in THE industry. Dont know how.. Neva heard someone say.. “Damn man.. That French Montana IS too dope”.. No neva once. You mad bro?.. Yeah kinda lol.. Not mad.. Disappointmented

  • bry from Boston

    Same with “2Chainz”.. What happens when he cops a rope & Cuban link chain.. “4Chainz”?

  • It’s the roc

    I don’t care if this ends up being a hit or not, everything about it, the verses, the hook, the beat, the song title, the cover art, the name change, the video…they all are subpar. This is just a miss, simple as that.

  • Clover

    This sounds like every MMG song Roberts put out

  • 2 chainzz

    Finally a song that got me feelin French and his hook, as for Pusha well dope lyrics as always respect for a G fuck pussy skating niggas lmao got wayne’s tounge like a pussy

  • Pat

    obviously they werent together but weird seeing push and wayne in same video

  • Whaaa?

    This sell-out shit coming from the guy who called Prodigy fake.
    Lemme tell you, I’d rather listen to P’s slow flow than this BS.
    Stick to the Built Pyramids style.

  • More Bread Plzzz

    WH O THE HELL IS PAPI???? i kno it nore but that name is stupid

  • mrfukkyofeelings

    corny ass bdot and corny ass guy that makes youtube videos deleted my comment, hoe ass niggas

  • Q


  • This is absolutely terrible. I do not know what is worse, the sub par video vixens or the 2 step Khaled, French, and NORE do in the room together. And YYYYY is the chick randomly pulling up her pants getting dressed at the end? What is that? And did anyone approve it b 4 someone hit upload on vimeo?

  • Boring video. Typical hood video.
    These chicks are looking greasier with each video made

    Super props for the Chris Lighty tribute in the end though. That was cool

    With the exception of Pusha T, everyone else in this video is a public service announcement that
    Terrible lyrics, lazy flow, nothing new, lots of cliches , BASURA!

    Imagine trying to take your craft (yes, being a rapper is a craft dummies) to a new level and trying a new flow or anything!


    Lester Bangs of Hip Hop
    nice to see a video w/o MMG in it

  • Get this shit straight Pa’ AINT NOBODY P-A-P-i except BODEGA BAMZ.. #TANBOYZZZZZZZ

  • caliking

    video is corny as fuck. french montana needs to fall on his face 2 chains needs to fall on his face pusha t killed it, i dont understand how some clowns seriously make it in hip hop

  • Donnie

    Wtf was this? Wtf is Pusha T doing .. He much better than this…. Shit song and Montana really needs to stop and quite ….. Or just remove him from the hip hop family … He ain’t hip hop!

  • Devante

    It’s really been down hill for Nore since 98′

  • mac DIESEL



  • Carlito R

    I disagree with most people calling the video corny and boring. Maybe the song is (minus Pusha’s verse) but not the video. I feel for a real low/no budget video it was definitely good to go!!!!

  • R

    Wtf is that non Frenchman Borat in the video!


    if you searched for : Sub Par- this video would be under the definition.. and did anyone else see that chick tit out?

  • Pusha-T and Lil Wayne in the same video?? Hilarious. Videos was aight tho nothing spectacular

  • moneyteamjooooo

    shyt go hard.nuff said…who fuckin wit push??

  • joker2

    these shyt hard fuckin body boy

  • joker24

    yo if yall niggaz tryna make rapper money legally hmu.shoot a tex 6789136136

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