’12 Disappointing Albums: #5 DMX Undisputed


It’s a doggone shame, but over a decade ago, DMX was undisputedly hip-hop’s grand champ. But these days, he’s tarnishing his legacy with lackluster offerings like, Undisputed. The Dog still has his bite on songs like “Ya’ll Don’t Really Know” and “Already”. However, poor hooks and outdated production (“Have You Eva”, “Slippin Again”, “Cold World”) permeate the album. Even the lead single, “I Don’t Dance” is wallflower status while the vocals displayed on “I Get Scared” are horrifying. Earl took us to church on “Head Up”, but it’ll take more than a mustard seed to make us believers again. Get as us dog.

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  • DJ Game

    you have the worst grammar i have ever read.

  • it’s the roc

    damn big homie, do not let X catch you in the street. WHAT!

  • Los

    Man, you are really awful at writing. Hire an editor, please. And normally I wouldn’t be so harsh but you come off like a slimy, biased, payola type snake so it’s probably well deserved.

  • ^^^^^^ YES
    If we took a shot for every grammar error, spelling error & lame attempt at humor, we would die of alcohol poisoning!

    Bet the writer never spells MMG incorrectly.

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Bloggers stick to 2 lines per post for a reason

  • hec1979

    No shit! How about something that we were looking forward to that really let us down.

  • bry from Boston

    IDAHIH & FOMFBOMB were both amazing in 98/99.. ATTWX was dope as hell.. TGD wasnt bad.. Anything afta was awful and refuse to listen. Hes a cracked now.

  • Nathaniel

    rap radar needs editors. it’s painful to read some of this stuff. can’t even concentrate on the point n shit. lol

  • Nathaniel


    that last sentence has me in tears, nigga. mercy.

  • Donn

    I still listen to all of X’s albums, idk what happened smh

    X used to be the man

  • Gutter

    Typos, typos, typos. Sloppy writing. You’re better than this RR.

  • Krizzle Mang

    get as us dog? onifc has gotta be # 2 on this list and cruel fall has to be number one. those albums were horrible

  • R

    X’s Mixtape was better than the album but he’ll recover hopefully like the writter of this post his grammar sucks Yo!

  • E$CO

    shit i didn’t even know he had an album…are u niggaz dyslexic? reads fine to me.

  • 5 years ago XXL fired Elliott Wilson for to much dicksucking and he later had throat problems for swallowing too much sperm

    It wasn’t that bad

    I have already put down some big bets that MMG will be in most of the top 5 best of list’s and when William puts out the title of his next album later it will be put in the top 5 posts and they will add Cassidy to the 50 Cent part of the site and blackball him

  • Belize

    this had some tracks tho..better than his mixtape for sure.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Meek’s album should be #1 2012 disappointing album.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^^^^why y’all can’t stick to the topic. Really? Y’all complaining about grammar.

    Any how, DMX doesn’t have the same budget or label pushing he was used too.

  • Carlito R

    Wow people are actually complaining about grammar???? When did hip-hop become proper? haha. DMX is not mentally, physically, socially in the same place he once was. Some artists change for the better, others change for the worse. Sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself and know that you aint the same person you use to be. I think a lot of artists should follow Lil Wayne, Rick Ross as far as signing other good acts while you’re on top. So if you ever fall off at least you got your own artists to fall back on and still take part in their creativity.

    Sorry if I didn’t use proper grammar.

  • Heap Hope

    Album was fire
    Yall Dont Really Know
    Head to the Sky
    No Love !!!
    Frankenstien crazy new sound
    Sucka for love some 90s ish
    Have you ever – classic song in the right moment

    great performance through out the album
    didnt hide nothing, showed weakness , fears, like a true artist on Cold World
    cant you hear the demons in pullin on I Get Scared

    no doubt UNDERATED album of 2012

  • bullti

    WHATTT??? this is one of the most under rated albums of last year.
    There were some great tracks on it.
    Try listening to it and its actual words and message.

    X does go overboard with the barking but besides that, this was a decent album.

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  • kowboy

    Completely off base. Undisputed was dmx’s hottest album since his first two. Sure it was different than u expect from X but it was still 5. Stars first album since he dropped off that u can leave in the cd player start to finish

  • T

    Big X fan

    But I personally think this is his worse album. X is my favourite rapper, but this album is the worse for me.
    Album order for
    1. Dark and hell is hot
    2. ….and there was x
    3. Flesh on my flesh
    4. Grand champ
    5. Great Depression
    6. Year of the dog
    7. Undisputed
    Last two I could name more that 5 songs total I liked.

    Waiting for number 8 tho dark man. Still best rapper