’12 Underrated Albums: #3 DJ Khaled Kiss The Ring


I’m starting to think y’all niggas take DJ Khaled for granted. Maybe it’s because the Mouth of The South continues to make amazing all-star collabos look so easy. “Bitches and Bottles” is one of his career best with an infectious Future hook and a rejuvenated T.I.’s opening bars. “I got my own shine/But I want yours.” Khaled has always been able to get the most out of an MC. Who else could motivate Kanye West to spaz out like he did on the Hit Boy-powered “I Wish You Would”? And don’t get me started on “Hip Hop”, a legendary exchange between NaS, Scarface and DJ Premier on the culture we all love. For that joint alone, Kiss The Ring should’ve moved way more units. But y’all all lamed out. I hope you really appreciate the next time DJ Khaled comes out.

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  • haaannn (French voice)

    omg of course!!! YN posts this one hahahahahaha, DJ KHALED the MMG affilate gets praise from Elliott Wilson hahahahahahah.

    this was a decent album– deff wouldnt say underrated,, was better than Drama’s album doe

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis



  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces


    Minus like 2 or 3 songs, the album sounded like the same generic shit we get from “him” every year.

  • Krizzle Mang

    ya this was a good album dramas album was wack

  • dmc

    Ya’ll can’t even fathom how easy he makes it look, you’re pretty much forced to hate….

    on second thoughts…if a hiphop fan had connects and made an album it would probably make 4 on this list…

  • surge303

    WOW you guys really suck dick at RR don’t you? This piece of shit is just like a mixtape no way does it deserve to be called a ALBUM.”We the best, Ya you the cock sucking best”

  • M.T

    TI dont see this album as underrated but “Bitches and Bottles”, “Suicide”(Boi-1da on the beat!), “I Wish You Would”, and “Hip Hop” were standouts to me. The rest was average and/or weak. Overall his last album was better than this.

  • Belize


    this album sucked ball. Payola ass shyt herrrre boi

  • Facts


  • DiI

    hahahahahaha….doo doo album

  • DJ

    and there starts the cock sucking…………..

  • king david

    you gotta be kiding me……dis album sucked donkey balls, dj khaled is a joke he isnt an artist i heard da album one time and after dat i forgot it even existed, calling dis album underrated is like calling all of dj khaled’s albums underrted cuz there all da same with da same featured people he always gets….

  • realfan

    this album wasn’t really khaled’s, considering all he says is “we the best”. He doesn’t produce majority of the songs either, and every hit u could mention in “his” catalogue aint his. Once we hear verses or see some production credits, he shouldn’t really get any. If i had the money to put ye on a song u better believe itll be a banger regardless.

  • Professor Oak

    FUCK OUTTA HERE….I know this nigga did not just call a DJ Khaled album underrated.

  • ESS

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????????????????? this definitly have one spot on the dissapointing.. take 2dj khaled 2 first album vs this and this is DONKEY SHIT BALLS PUSSY it sucks so much…. wtf this gotta be a joke please tell us you are pranking us please.. and me im a big dj khaled fan but his 2 albums been dead wack wtffffffffff got me schocked

  • Nah that album was good.It was way more balanced than I thought and had some real good records on it that weren’t your regular Anthem beat with Khalad yelling on it songs.I liked it more than I thought I would
    Loch 50 Cent ft. Eminem and Adam Levine My Life freestyle: http://youtu.be/5JgMw5YMb5Q

  • @Artise1

    Underrated and Underperformed are to different things. Just because those album went Double Ross Titties doesn’t mean it was Underrated.

  • YN i agree with u, this album was mad underrated


    The only thing underrated about this album was the jcole song. I was really suprised that they didn’t push that song more. Hip hop was dope too

  • Ikie baby

    You just knew thee comments were gonna hate dj khalid he could put out a album with nas kendrick and premier on every track and youll would say its trash. Come on son he doesnt produce or rap on any of his album so its okay to like them. Anyway yes this album very underrated.

  • DJ Game

    How much did khaled khaled pay you for this?

  • floridaboy

    decent but not under rated


    dj khlaed looks like an obese racoon, and YN looks like a depressed toad.

  • Orpheus

    God Dammit. Fuck you Rap Radar.

  • White Noise

    Don’t forget “They Ready”. That cut was nice.

  • Devante

    He brought Premo and Nas on the same track nuff said

  • the brain trust

    Rap radar has never had any credibility but this takes the cake.

    This nigga doesn’t produce, mix or rap. He just begs the hottest artists for hit singles & shows up uninvited to their video shoots.

    This album was 1st class trash! YN is a corrupt little shit who will sell his mama for some extra bread.

  • tucq

    I didn’t hear the whole album,but I was turned off by the title and the cover. …… nigga, I’m not buyin no cd from somebody tellin me 2 kiss his ass on the cover. U can kiss my ass and choke on deez nuts cuz I’m not buyin this.

  • 5 years ago XXL fired Elliott Wilson for to much dicksucking and he later had throat problems for swallowing too much sperm


  • 85

    You can call some of the individual tracks underrated, but not the album.

  • Oz

    “Your too infatuated with the fucking numbers”

    Hip hop is in constant denial about downloading sales numbers don’t represent how many people got the album, they represent how many people who don’t have the Internet or don’t know how to get it for free. It doesn’t mean we didn’t fuck with the record, but if a genre of music has so much criminal mentality to it don’t you think the fans have morals about taking the shit for free to “support the artist” fuck no get out here with that bullshit your rapping about ante up, gimmie the loot gimmie the loot, irony. Which why its probable the most pirated genre. What yal should do is start looking at the illegal download numbers since your so infatuated with them, if you have been asleep the last 15 years, each. Year what is considered good numbers drops like a mother fucker and will continue to do so.

  • black god lover

    Nah man khaled has some tracks hip hop was amazing

  • acidrap

    Khaled a weak ass arab that don’t nobody give a fuck about.He takin up room in the game.He aint got no skills on the mic or producing so what the fuck he do lol?!

  • Dashing

    4 good songs on there including the T.I joint, the Nas/Scrface and the JCole/Krit/Kendrick. Otherwise typical Khaled bullshit. Khaled needs to make more well-rounded albums. This is still not as good as any of DJ Clue’s retail mixtapes or Funk Flex’s.

  • Dashing

    This slot should have gone to Schoolboy Q or Lecrae.

  • this album is dope!

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