• Reginald

    A Real Freestyle – http://youtu.be/d_dViIyCdnk

  • it’s the roc

    Wow, this was easily the best I’ve heard of the backroom freestyles. Again, this should have mad comments because he killed it, but it’ll quietly drop off the first page with nothing but a few comments. It’s up to us to make rap better too people. Don’t make me start preachin up in here!

  • JustMyOpinion


  • yoooo

    SHIIIIIIIIIIT, this dude got mad talent, fuckin annoys the shit outta me when i see the likes of Trinidad James and chief Keef gettin more props than a guy with actual talent, let us pray that hip hop remembers where it came from and turns around, leaving all these wack ass rappers behind

  • Kuntry Kotton

    Crooked Lettaz at its finest. Big Krit and Tito Lopez watch out 2013 stay grindin boyz.

  • yeayah