’12 Best Beats: #1 Young Chop “I Don’t Like”

While the verdict is still out on Chief Keef, it’s unanimous that his producer Young Chop is packing some heat. Thanks to intimidating 808s and meager pianos, Keef’s “I Don’t Like” became a runaway hit. Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music familia even flipped the track as a single to their Cruel Summer compilation. Chop didn’t like ‘Ye revamping his production, but it actually turned out better than the original. Bang, bang.

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  • Batman

    called it!!! knew it hahaha good choice though, this beat is serious

  • Skip Dillenger

    That beat was pretty ill! Not gonna lie. Content, lyrics and subject was ignorant (which is comical from time to time), but the beat made that song worth listening to.

  • Chronic

    Half the beats on Kendrick’s album are better than this.

  • Slim Baller



    Kendrick beats waz wack ass.

  • the brain trust

    Do you know the funny think about ‘I Don’t Like’? It wasn’t actually a ‘runaway hit’. Not even close

    It made noise on rap blogs (without being a hit on the rap charts) and it barely penetrated mainstream music culture.

    The way people rave about this song, you would think it was a worldwide smash.

    Dope beat though.

  • w/o a doubt hands down..

  • Best beat of 2012? No.

  • Beaming


    Kendricks beats were terrible the only reason his tracks are hot is because he spits over them…

  • Devante

    I figured Mercy would be #1

  • New God Flow should have been on this list.

  • Drew Who

    this sites a joke lol

  • Slim Baller

    @Beaming THANKYou KDot beats are trash. Imagine if he had dope beats how much more influential he would be. His lyrical ability is the only thing keeping him alive

  • Ave

    K. Dot beats, trash? Everyone has an opinion, dont make it an uneducated one is all I ask.

    “…tires are steady screachin’, the driver is rubbin’, hands on the wheel, WHO SAID WE WASN”T.. DYING OF THIRST”

    And I’m not even saying one of his beats should be on this list, but TRASH!?! You can make your point without the slander, gentleman.

  • RollieOnMyWrist

    I agree Kendricks beats are horrible

  • Hip Hop

    There’s a reason this site isn’t called Hip Hop Radar, the guy who made this list had to be deaf

  • M.T

    This beat was crazy. def deserves to be #1

  • M.T

    @RollieOnMyWrist @[email protected] Baller
    yall niggas must be 10 years old or something or just plain deaf. In any case GTFO

  • KillaK

    I really didn’t like it. They all sound the same coming from this producer

  • RollieOnMyWrist

    @M.T STFU Faggot jus my opinion I dont have to agree with u

  • Catalyst

    Kendrick’s beats were dope as fuk except backseat freestyle.. Errybody sleepin on Scoope Deville ‘The Recipe’ joint, I still fux withat!! No mention of No I.D. How come you neglect Daughters and Loco Motive by Nas????

  • JHP

    This is easily the beat of the year, considering the amount of remixes other artist did over the song, the controversy over the alterations Kanye made angering chop, just the fact that is bangs so hard. The moment everyone hears that beat in a club, they turn TF up. It’d be silly to argue this wasn’t the most impactful instrumental of the year. And as for Kendrick’s beats, most of them were very dull and boring. Kendrick’s stories, metaphors, and hooks made the songs listenable. The only instrumentals that would stand out with no vocals on the album are “Poetic Justice”, “m.A.A.d. City” and “Swimming Pools”. The rest would put me to sleep without K-Dot. I hope he gets better beats on his next album. It’d be dope to hear him over some Kanye, Just Blaze, No I.D., etc. And the way he killed that “Buried Alive” joint on Take Care, it’d be real dope if Drake would let Kendrick borrow 40 for a beat or two

  • TheCool

    Kendrick’s beats were trash?! What the FUCK are ya’ll listening to?! The live instrumentation, mixed with modern drums, and heavy ass bass was half the reason GKMC was as dope as it was. Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe? Money Trees? Poetic Justice? mAAd city? Sing For Me?

    Jus because they don’t have 100% trap drums, cheap ass reverb synths, and generic (fake) string melodies, doesn’t mean the beats are “trash”.

    Yet when “Stay Schemin'” dropped niggas were like “YO THIS BEAT HOT” SMFH. And I’m not close minded, I Don’t Like has a dope beat. But saying Kendrick has wack beats? Fuck outta here.

  • JHP

    @TheCool I forgot about Money Trees, that beat was dope too. No ones saying Kendrick has to rap on trap beats, but his beats were boring, they lacked personality. If you listen to an album like “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” every beat on it is insanely dope and innovative, I could listen to an instrumental version of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy through and not get bored, I couldn’t say the same for Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City. With better beat selection, and Kendrick’s creativity as an artist, he could make some crazy memorable songs

  • Slim Baller


    k dot had a handful of good beats (Money Trees was amazing, Recipe, etc.) but the rest were DULL

  • StL_B

    So Harry Fraud didnt make a beat better than bandz or clique or this ?????????

  • Loaded

    eh Mercy was better but this is a solid choice

  • KoldCase

    kendricks beats are dope

    yall sleepin still?

  • Oj da Cornball

    I don’t value Rap Radar’s opinion on anything concerning rap, as they proved themselves to be a bunch of nut riders of certain clicks and rappers of their choices.

    However, in non-conjunction with their opinion on this beat, this is a real sick beat. Means a lot considering i hate these style of beats, trap sound and such. Sick track instrumentation.

    Young Chop>> Mike Will now

  • I’m shocked at people saying Kendrick’s beats are wack. I guess it’s a matter of taste. Yes, they’re not high energy all the time, but a lot of those beats were quality and stand out amongst all the homogenized, lowest common denominator beats that infect mainstream hip hop. TDE can be hit or miss sometimes with their beat selection, but GKMC was extremely solid in that area.

  • Yeezus Christ

    young chop is horrible tho only a beat make not a producer

  • Boom

    THIS BEAT WAS BETTER WHEN KANYE PUT HIS INGREDIENTS ON THAT ISH!! OTHER THAN THAT…THE ORIGINAL IS OVER USED 808’s. Similar to what Timbo was saying on the Breakfast Club last year.

  • Evo

    Kendrick’s beats are trash? W T F

  • myG

    the beats make the song so yes.. definitely the best song of 2012

  • Da Business

    @ the Rap Radar staff…

    No hate here, I’m just wondering if u all would break down ur criteria as it relates to ur lists.

    Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the picks r dead on but, there r a few head scratchers. I guess I’m curious

    on what these lists r based on. [email protected]$ r going to front but, y’all hold weight as far as the web is

    concerned. I’d be the 1st to admit that I’ve went back and checked shit out based on ur end of the yr


  • daddy43205

    ppl are crazy saying the remix is better then the original the one young chop did by himself was more raw/hard

  • Jaymalls

    @daddy43205 ^^^^

    it clearly is fuq boi…. hop off young pork chop dick!


    *As I listen to Ali Bomaye*
    This seems more like like a list of popular instrumentals and has nothing to do with how good a beat actually was.

  • David M

    All of Young Chops beats sound the same!

  • DJ Game

    None of you you would know real hip hop if it played on the radio.

  • Reginald
  • djfreakyty

    Yall negros forgot all about niggaz in paris beat

    • Da Business

      That was ’11

  • djfreakyty

    T-minus got some beats to n justice league also

  • djfreakyty

    Da business u can still put it up there wit the rest of em

  • quese

    mercy deserves to be on here bandz maker her dance should be off this list , i dont like sounds just like any other beat nothing special there i would redo this whole list maybe keep clique and exodus thats about it

  • quese

    @RTHLESS couldnt have said it better i agree lol

  • Steve


  • The Other P

    In an interview late last year, Mike Will Made It said he did some work with the drums on this remix as well as “Mercy.”

  • 3stacks

    Kanye trashed that beat, original was better, why you think you don’t hear remix half as much a original.

    Kendrick’s beats are dope on GKMC

  • Seems like everyone was looking for that Young CHop sound in 2012! He was definitely last year’s Lex Luger in that aspect. “I Don’t Like” is just one reason why I thought Chop had one of the best 2012s of anyone.
    Check out the full list here:
    This is not who is the best musician or who I like the most but who got the most done and who can celebrate their year as the best 2012. You should comment and let me know what you think! I would love to get a convo started and any feedback is appreciate. Thanks in advance!

  • Trill O’Reilly

    Y’all homo niggas dickride Kendrick way too much on these blog sites. Oh yeah, his beats are weak as fuck and his album was the most overrated of 2012z

  • flo

    if it was overrated it wouldnt be selling right? oh wait..

  • The original lucci

    How can the #1 beat of ’12 be on the worst album of ’12 in your opinion? Make u say hmmmmm

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