’12 Best Beats: #2 Mike Will Made It “Bandz A Make Her Dance”

Mike Will Made It really made it in 2012. Along with Drake, he took 2 Chainz to the top of the charts with “No Lie”, he showed no “Mercy” with Kanye and co., and helped Future “Turn On The Lights” and bring attention back to their hometown of Atlanta. But Mike’s crown jewel happened by accident. A lil record Juicy J did in a D.C. hotel room gained a life of its own when Lil Tunechi and Tity Boi decided to add verses. But it’s the beat of “Bandz” that’s the backbone of the song’s success. At times, rappers make songs that they think will sound good in the strip club. “Bandz” is the sound of the strip club. It’s sexy, seductive and raw and we can’t get enough. Is there an ATM in this muthafucka?

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  • pretty legit call…

  • Nathaniel

    #2 guest verse: kendrick lamar on power circle

    #1 guest verse: andre 3000 on Sixteen.


  • Nathaniel

    i know i prolly shouldn’t have said that on the best beat thread but…

  • rollo

    its def better beats out there… but they will only post beats that had hella radio play

  • PT Onassis

    Can’t deny this choice, really could have inserted any Mike Will beat here

  • Facts

    “gained a life of its own when Lil Tunechi and Tity Boi decided to add verses”

    Correct: Lil Tunechi and Tity Boi decided to add verses because it gained a life of its own

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is a catchy beat.

  • Dashing

    @ Nathaniel, I don’t think it’ll go to Kendrick for that. It was a great verse, but I think they’ll be others that get more recognition. Maybe GFK for “New God Flow”? Andre deserves #1 for Sixteen though.

  • Dashing

    Something tells me that they’re not gonna have 2 Andre verses though. They probably just chose the best 1.

  • Dashing

    Something tells me they’ll go the 2 Chainz Mercy route…

  • Dashing

    How about Jay Rock on Money Trees though???? Now THAT would be a great call. Ok, I’m done.

  • Nathaniel


    hmmmm…. you might be right. about that GFK or that 2Chainz verse. i thought Dre’s Sixteen verse was overall better than the Sorry one. i was thinking they might throw Jay Rock a bone for Money Trees, or even Drake on that Fuckin’ Problems. i can’t call it mane.

  • Nathaniel


    yes nigga! haha we in agreement!

  • it’s the roc

    can’t knock this pick. it was a game changer. but as for the best verse discussion, you know drake stay schemin will be #1

  • Dashing

    @Nathaniel. Agreed that “Sixteen” verse> “Sorry” verse. If it’s not on the list that’ll be a shame and they probly just went with that verse cause Andre got a little more personal….but Jay Rock really killed “Money Trees”, may have been the best verse he’s spit EVER on what was easily the best album of the year. The 2 Chainz verse on Mercy is what really solidified him commercially so that’s why I’d think those two could have it. Drake’s verse was def the best on “Fuckin Problems”, but the song has less of an impact than Mercy IMO so they’d go with 2 Chainz….we’ll see.

  • Dashing

    I don’t think Stay Schemin should even be in the conversation.

  • Slim Baller


  • it’s the roc

    @ Dashing

    For the record, money trees verse was crazy, but black lip bastard is jay rocks best verse.

  • M.T

    good pick. this song is still on repeat. beat is too catchy.

  • tucq

    I like this beat, but I think the verses really made the song…. “u say no 2 ratchet puss/Juicy J caint-caint-caint-caint”……..THATS what makes it the shit.

  • Reginald

    Mike Will Produced half Of These Tracks – http://www.mediafire.com/?0kq5hfjxw28ofgk

  • Mike WIll was everywhere this year! capped by a gold record with Juicy J, 2012 definitely belonged to Mike WIll.
    Check out the full list of who had the best 2012 here:
    This is not who is the best musician or who I like the most but who got the most done and who can celebrate their year as the best 2012. You should comment and let me know what you think! I would love to get a convo started and any feedback is appreciate. Thanks in advance!

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