’12 Best Beats: #3 Hit-Boy “Clique”

Guess “Niggas In Paris” wasn’t enough shine for this Cali producer. Hit-Boy hit 2012 with even more drive and diverse sounds. He worked with a wide array of acts from Nicki Minaj (“I Am Your Leader”) to A$AP Rocky (“Goldie”) to Justin Bieber (“Right Here”) to Kendrick Lamar (“Backseat Freestyle)”. But once again it’s Chauncey’s work with Mr. West that shined the brighest. Out of the bunch (“Cold”, “I Wish You Would”, “Higher”) “Clique” is our pick. A pulsating spacey groove that steadily hiccups along until the ill bouncy breakdowns in the chorus strike your chest cavity. ‘Ye, Sean, & Shawn know: Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with Hit-Boy behind the boards.

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  • cfbny


    clique is WAAAAAAAAAACK

  • Donn

    Great choice before the haters come…

  • conflicto

    well, the only good thing bout this song is kanye’s verse! The beat is only addictive or catchy, till big sean starts his verse.. jay-z went 2 chainz on this.. wack track, wack choice!!

  • haaannn (French voice)


  • CaliSteppin

    1Train on Rocky’s album or The Way We Ride on Tip’s album were Hit Boys best beats of 2012 for me

  • it’s the roc

    clique over mercy? interesting choice. but easily the best of the 3 beats listed so far. i can rock with it.

  • Chris

    Yup, love this beat.

  • rollo

    wack beat… its a best beat on here because jayz n kanye was on it… fuck outta hea… that nigga beats is hella weird and sound lame as fuck

  • rollo

    niggas in paris is only dope cuz of kanyes ghost producers editing on it… mike dean and other dudes that know how to make music and not just some bland ass 1 dimension melody

  • conflicto

    @calisteppin Co-sign!!! 1 train wus his best beat! but correction, The Way We Ride wus prod by 1500 or Nothin’.

  • the brain trust

    Goddamn! You niggas really didn’t think this beat was flames or are you just being douches?

    Like really?

    Originality- Check
    Great Drums- Check
    Multiple soundscapes & melodies- Check


  • The beat was/is ill. I don’t know how you listen and not nod your head to this one

  • M.T

    didnt like this beat too much.

  • naaah

    yall have some weird ears… this beat is nasty.

    don’t front like you dont bounce or try to find a bitch when it comes on in the club.

  • tucq

    This shit GO.



  • Clique, along with the other placements you guys mentioned are just some of the reasons that Hit-Boy had one of the best 2012s.
    Check out the full list of who had the best 2012 here:
    This is not who is the best musician or who I like the most but who got the most done and who can celebrate their year as the best 2012. You should comment and let me know what you think! I would love to get a convo started and any feedback is appreciate. Thanks in advance!

  • The original lucci

    Hit boy the next go to ” big” producer for the next 6 years

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