’12 Best Beats: #5 Rico Beats “Exodus 23:1”

What would drive a man to say such mean things? What pushed Pusha T to the limit to subliminally air Lil Wayne out and say f Cash Money as a staff, record label and crew? I say it was the dark track crafted by Rico Beats. The Brooklyn-bred producer’s credits include Soulja Boy and 50 Cent’s “Mean Mug” and Nicki and Lil Wayne’s “Roman Reloaded” (how ironic?), but it’s his Pusha Ton and Terius Nash collab that really put him on our radar. Armed with ambulance sounds and haunting piano, “Exodus 23:1” sounds like the soundtrack to a murder scene. It ain’t safe no more.

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  • haaannn (French voice)

    lol no

    YN just retire and let B. Dot and his uneducated monkey sidekick Big Homie run this site. all you do is dick ride artist that co-sign you, its pathetic.

  • cfbny

    this shit is wack

  • Wack song all together

  • Jaymalls

    ^^^^YMCMB Dick Ryders Upset I See!


  • CaliSteppin

    YMCMB dick riders above me. Beat was fire fuckin lames

  • Slim Baller


  • More Bullshit

    Come on now be professional damn.. what’s with the blatant unwarranted bias? Where did Exodus say Fuck Cash Money as a record label and crew?? Damn

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This beat was nice.

  • Catalyst

    Pusha T is the reason that song is good! Not Rico Beats, it’s a mediocre beat really!

  • CK

    Yes. this deserves to be here, very good beat indeed. Pusha transformed it and pushed it to the next level

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    To me, the beat was meh… Should be an interesting list though.

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    Na this beat was dope, can’t front. Good pick

  • 2 Cents

    Lol Cash Money musta said fuck YN. Y’all posted that “bitches love me song” and took it down and wayne has had two songs come out that y’all ain’t post. Nicki gets slandered on your lists and now YN hiding behind Pusha T’s record to diss them. Wasn’t baby on the cover or respect? And then Drake? Lol YN hella biased but yeah he doesn’t give a fuck I guess.

  • Donn

    The comments get annoying here cus u guys can’t respectfully disagree with a person’s opinion just because u don’t share the same. Just say why u agree or don’t and stop with all the name calling and bitching

  • it’s the roc

    the beat was ok, but it was more the composition of the song that made this hot. if you sit down with any producer they got 3 beats like this

  • def. agree with this one, forgot how hard this diss went tho..

  • lilrizq

    This sh– was tough, unlike that weak a– “Goblin” response,lol. Now look at this video I edited for my homie “The Voice”.

  • the brain trust

    Yeah yeah yeah. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…. Kumbaya

    In reality, if you didn’t think this beat was tough, your opinion & ear for beats is garbage

  • xtrajordinary

    hahahaha this is the dumbest shit i’ve ever seen rap radar post. tough? really? this beat is the same 6 chords repeated, the same 1 bar bass drum pattern the whole time, and has police sirens going through THE ENTIRE BEAT. And then sometimes the drums drop out. That’s literally the only thing that changes. Nothing is interesting about this beat.

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