New Video: Maino “Molly”

Damn, Maino throws one helluva hotel party. Covering Scarface’s “Mary Jane”, Maino incorporates hip-hop’s current favorite drug into his new video. This is definitely Not Safe For Work, but if it is, pop a molly and enjoy.

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  • Drew Who

    fuckin druggies

  • Beaming

    Manio< Anyone else

    All these rappers love molly….thats a chick drug !!!!! This is some real questionable shyt man…. They susspect thats for sure

  • mack

    nice message for the youth dem. You can tell all these industry dudes are basically slaves just doing what they’re told, because not only are they all sending a destructive message, but they’re all sending THE SAME destructive message. All of a sudden everybody’s got a song called Molly. Most of them didn’t even know it was called molly last year. no other drug is mentioned. All the same. Straight followers. Now everybody got dykes in they videos. Most of these dudes can’t even get it up no more due to the drugs, but every video they put out is straight porn. When did rappers become so corny man. r.i.p. Hip Hop

  • me

    white supremacy wins again

  • goose

    Sad that these chicks are gonna be wives and mothers one day. Oh welp, sure was nice to look at.

  • Reginald
  • PaperTags

    maino doesnt even do drugs. he dont even smoke weed. fuckboys think again.