’12 Best Mixtapes #3: Meek Mill Dreamchasers 2

dreamchasers 2-cover

Meek Mill continued his quest for more on the second installment of his Dreamchasers mixtape series. He kickstarts the project with The Fugees remake “Ready Or Not”. Then he reflects on his troubled past (“Use To Be”) before turning his fantasies into reality (“Big Dreams”). Even if the District Attorney didn’t approve of “The Ride”, his testimony was sincere. Production was clutch thanks to Jahlil Beats (“Flexing”), Cardiak (“Lean Wit It”) and The Beat Bully (“Intro”). Guests came in bundles (“Face Down”, “Racked Up Shawty”, and “House Party (Remix0”), but it was noteworthy collabos with Big Sean (“Burn”), Drake (“Amen”), and Kendrick (“A1 Everything”) that galvanized the anticipation of his official debut, Dreams & Nightmares. Helluva step up.

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  • haaannn (French voice)

    Ayyy lets be honest, we ALL knew this was coming. and we should ALL know by now that “Rich Forever” has got a spot in the top 2

  • Chubby


  • Marko-V

    Lol Meek really talks about his watch on every song tho. It gotta be like a running joke within MMG now.


  • Beaming

    Hate all u want. MEN LIE,WOMEN LIE, NUMBERS DONT.

    This was a great tape, most downloads ever on a mixtape.

    Meek is one of the last real guys out here and you should appreciate him for what he is and where he came from instead of hating on him simply because he is MMG.

  • Yeezus Christ

    rich forever and fuck da city up better be #1 & #2


    lmao t.i.

  • Beaming

    Oh yeah…. Let me hear all u ban wagon Cassidy fans cry for his tape to be on this list too since yall love dude so much???? Come on yall cheering for him like he is a goat on every song he gets at meek on but I doubt u even know the name of his tape that he released earlier this year!!!! hahaha lmao….

  • Get Real

    Its Tha World > F#ck Da City Up. DC2 was fire, Dreams & Nightmares tho … not so much. Rich Forever should be in the top 2 but how Starvation 1 didn’t get a look on this list is crazy.

  • Yzeeh

    1999 better be #1 & Detriot better be #2… RR is some real dick riders. Never believed it until now. Give the 1st two spots to the unknown then it’s all popularity after.. Meek #3 smh.. What’s next wale 2 & Ross 1? Fuck outta here… NOW WE ALL KNOW THAT BDOT has no power at RR.. Elliott only gave I’m the 9th & 10th spot to put his favorite mixtapes there… Smh. Grow a set bdot & stop ride dick Elliott.

  • runyonave

    meek should stick to mixtapes…do the dreamchasers series all the way up to number 47…his album sucked on that badonkadonk

  • J

    Wtf…rap radar is fucking up! BFK was better but MMG is deep in Elliott Wilson’s pockets

  • Based Van Exel!

    2012 was a very DISAPPOINTING YEAR for hip-hop compared to 2011

    Based Van Exel does not approve of lil sean’s mixtape and his punchlines that only impress 16 year olds…That is all.

  • Ikie baby

    I know niggas on these comment section has extreme hate for anything mmg or related to them. But its no way in hell you can tell me DC2 & rich forever werent top five mixtapes of the year. Those wouldve been album of the year candidates they were that dope.

  • Devante

    1 million mixtape downloads in the first week but his album sales are 260,000 after 3 months. Something aint adding up lol

  • White Noise

    This was THE mixtape of the year. Who wasn’t bumping this shit back in May?

  • cj

    fuck meek mill. fuck mmg. all their rollies can suck my balls

  • I enjoy Meek, but he can’t carry a whole mix tape body of work. I definitely can’t stomach this being above BFK and KRIT

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  • there are some fire tracks on here for sure. Meek can add a lot of energy and some bars to a track but i really can’t listen to a whole mixtape of him yelling at me
    Y’all should check out my list here:
    Let me know what you think and leave a comment! Got some overlaps with RR and some other new ones. Naming 10 best is impossible but we are trying to throw some shine on projects that we thought were great from 2012.

  • St810

    Roley on my wrist, Audemar on my wrist, chain on my neck, 30 shots in my clip, 50 racks in my pocket, I fucked yo bitch, riding around in that ghost, blah blah blah. typical Meek verse. He needs to get back to that goons gone wild flow asap.

  • lilrizq

    I -uck wit that track “The Ride” and “House Party”, but other then that… I can’t stand that dude yellin all over Jahlil beats. now look at this video I edited for my homie “The Voice”.

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