’12 Best Mixtapes: #5 Wiz Khalifa Taylor Allderdice

taylor allderdice

When it comes free music on the Internet, Wiz Khalifa sure knows how to package it. Dubbed after his place of higher learning, Cameron turned his tenth mixtape, Taylor Allderdice in and walked away with an A+. In signature fashion, Wiz blows his smoke (“T.A.P.”) and gloats about fame (“Blindfold”) throughout the 18 tracks. TGOD kept his regular beatmakers on-board and he’s rewarded with refreshing production from the likes of Cardo (“California”), ID Labs (“Amber Ice”) and Big Jerm (Smoke DZA-featured “Rowland”). Wiz goes mostly for dolo on Allderdice but there are a few outside guests excluding the Taylor Gang fam (Juicy J, Chevy Woods, Lola Monroe). Wifey Amber Rose and the Bawse Rick Ross help pull off the odd pairing on “Never Been Pt. 2”.  Still in the mood? Light up with the smoker’s anthem “Mary 3x” and mind travel to a place you can only dream about. Sure beats being a nigga sitting in coach.

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  • Nein6x

    I like Wiz alot, but I extremely disliked this mixtape

  • 5 years ago XXL fired Elliott Wilson for to much dicksucking and he later had throat problems for swallowing too much sperm

    Big Homie YN & B.Dot have some bad taste in music. You grown men really listen to all this mainstream music aimed at teenagers. smh and your Chinese you shouldn’t be saying nigga

  • SpkdaTruth

    This mixtape was horrible and i like Wiz

  • haaannn (French voice)

    the ONLY good thing about this mixtape was the production. Wiz sucks now. But ill be honest when I say this was probably top 5 OVERALL body of work production wise (mixtapes/albums)

  • Donn

    Impact is important, Wiz has more impact than KRIT

  • Lantern Core

    Wiz still makes music?

    C’mon Son

  • Marko-V

    I liked the mixtape for what it was. Production definitely was dope. Somthing tells me Wiz just keepin his buzz alive til he get out that contract and sign himself to his label and run laps round cats cuz he’s definitely been stickin to the script lately and if you follow dude’s career you know he’s always reached higher levels of artistry each time he dropped something.



  • Get Real

    Dope beats + average hooks + bad as in not good lyrics + A handful of standout tracks = Not a top 10 or 5 mixtape of 2012.

  • Devante

    I think the production was a 10, but the lyrics and hooks were ehhh…

  • Scrilla

    Its tha world # 1

  • Jacob

    This was better than Krit???

  • ronnie coleman


  • Professor Oak

    SMH at this being a top mixtape of 2012…Average verses with average hooks on good beats.

    This list is a joke…I can’t wait until the next post,I’m looking foward to the whack shit ya’ll post for best mixtape.Watch Rich Forever be the best mixtape of 2012 hahahaha

  • CaliSteppin

    This shit was garbage! This better than Krits?! *Facepalm*

  • the goes the RR crew sucking Rostrum cock again.

  • fuck yall

    its a great mixtape. every other commenter is a dumb fuck. smoke some kush n zone out to the music

  • the brain trust

    Great mixtape. Fuck the naysayers.

    I think Wiz is a rapper with incredibly limited skills but the song structure, flows, hooks & verses were all top notch. The blending of songs with a previous interview was really dope as well.

    I mean, you can’t listen to a song like ‘Blindfolds’ and tell me that’s not great music.

    The mixtape was a little too long though

  • ECU

    Mixtape sucked. not one memorable moment

  • this was the last decent wiz project

  • Phucku Dusumtin

    The beats for The Code, T.A.P., Mary 3x, and Never Been Pt. 2 was FISHSCALE! The only reason why this tape still get play.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    rhis tape sucked compared to his other efforts i would notput this that hi on the list

  • this was that Kush and OJ WIz! yeah wiz only talks about how much he got and how fly he is but that is how he is living. artists gotta progress… i thought this was better than anything else wiz put on this year
    Y’all should check out my list here:
    Let me know what you think and leave a comment! Got some overlaps with RR and some other new ones. Naming 10 best is impossible but we are trying to throw some shine on projects that we thought were great from 2012.
    plus Wiz definitely had one of the best years last year. Who else do you think accomplished the most?

  • Bullshit

  • floridaboy

    this is WAY better than onifc and cabin fever 2

  • Chris

    Awesome mixtape a true Wiz work and music

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