’12 Best Mixtapes: #7 Fabolous Soul Tape 2

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Safe to say, New York Rap wasn’t in the greatest state in 2012. But coming through around Thanksgiving was Fabolous, one of our city’s most consistent spitters who surprised us with a strong sequel. Shit, Soul Tape 2 ain’t no turkey. Loso sets the tone and sounds inspired on the intro “Transformation”. He schools the ladies on “For The Love” and smooths things out on the St. Elmo’s Fire theme-sampled smoke break “We Get High”. Along with Pusha T, he explains how “Life Is So Exciting” and rejects the greedy gold diggers with J.Cole on “Louis Vuitton.” But what also really stands out here is Fab’s clever takes on Usher’s “Throwback” (“Want You Back” with more of Joe Budden’s Tahiry raps) and Rick Ross “Diced Pineapples” (featuring Trey Songz and Cassie). Guess the Big Apple still got something to believe in after all.

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  • LOL @ New York Hip Hop not being the best in 2012…. Rap Radar continues to prove how lil it knows about hip hop…
    New York Rappers With Great Years
    Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, A$AP Rocky, French Montana ALL WHICH WHOM HAD BETTER YEARS THEN FABOLOUS. BY FAR.

    Thatill.com for everything new in rap music daily, not brain washing opinions like Rap Radar.

  • Donn

    This tape was boring. Fab has nothing to talk about to me. His flow is the same every song and doesn’t try at all to evolve and be creative and develop new art.

  • Finally somebody gives Loso some recognition

  • Faded

    @thatilldotcom i agree this wasnt a strong hear for NY, mainly because the West and South (mainly ATL) and huge years.

    but regardless, this tape was nice as fuggg, still bump this sometimes

  • tucq

    Haven’t heard this one, but #1 HAS to be RicK Ross, “RICH FOREVER”

  • werrd
    I personally would’ve ranked Fab’s Soul Tap 2 top 3 of the year.

  • Get Real

    Tape should’ve been ranked higher. Shit, if Trouble’s tape is no.9 than Fab’s joint should be no.3 @ least and I’m not even a Fab fan.

  • Slim Baller

    Soul tape 1 is better this one was just average.

  • GTFO

    This mixtape was fire. He actually spit real talk on this one.

  • CaliSteppin

    This mixtape was dope! Good pick and Fab is still underrated but in tired of midrange from him he needs to drop loso’s way 2

  • IF

    If Childish Gambino Royalty mixtape aint on here this list dont mean sh*t

  • CaliSteppin


  • How Wonderful…

    The mixtape was cool. Im from NYC and i will say that NYC hip hop is dead. Despite ASAP, French, Joey Badass and a few others NYC hip hop will never return. The music industry has too much pull in dictating what is hot and what isnt. Who woulda thought that Fab would have to release free music to stay relevant.

  • brooklynA

    #7? what the hell is wrong with you people… you rlist is becoming as bad as MTV”s top 10 MC’s!! this should have been if not #1 top 3!!!

  • Belize

    nah son..ya’ll dont listen to mixtapes huh?

  • The truth

    This was a dope tape. A good body over work overall, hope he gives us an album soon. I would have ranked this a lot higher. lets see the rest of the list…

  • nucky thompson


  • Devante

    I love Ny Just as much as the next person.. But we gotta stop being delusional.. Joey BadAss and Action Bronson isn’t bring it back

  • The Real Truth

    this list is officially trash because this is top 3 and to see Wiz terrible mixtape in front of this tells u what direction they are going with they’re usual dick sucking

  • The Real Truth

    and Krit mixtape should be higher too

  • whoa!!!!

    Did this guy just say French Montana. That side is garbage.asap doesn’t even sound nelike aa new York rapper. So yes new York is garbage now

  • General

    Bull shit this was one of the best mixtapes of the year

  • …ummm

    …number one in my book.

  • Lil Liz

    this list is bullshit!!!

    Soul Tape 2 is the bible!! LOL

  • The Other P

    Niceee! This coulda been an album & I woulda paid $ for it.

  • definitely more interesting than Loso’s recent offerings but he has been pretty boring for a few years now.
    Y’all should check out my list here:
    Let me know what you think and leave a comment! Got some overlaps with RR and some other new ones. Naming 10 best is impossible but we are trying to throw some shine on projects that we thought were great from 2012.

  • u have to b insane to think detroit was better than this! what ears do you use!!! or what brain for that matter, cause the lyrics on this was just crazy! this should have been number one or two after ross!

  • The original lucci

    4 out of 5. Solid tape, not great but solid!!