’12 Best Mixtapes: #8 Mac Miller Macadelic


Apparently being the first indie artist to top Billboard in the 21st century wasn’t enough for Mac Miller. You didn’t like Blue Slide Park? Well he addressed you naysayers on Macadelic. Young Malcom followed his dreams and boasts about his new reality on the funky “Thoughts From A Balcony”. After gettin’ strung out on the trippy “Vitamins”, Mr. Miller sobers up and steps up his wordplay on songs like the nifty “Sunlight” and especially the durable “Desperado”. Make no mistake, Mac has a lot to get off his chest here. Thankfully, he’s got strong production to back it up. ID Labs is behind the hard-hitting “Loud”, Lex Luger laced “Lucky Ass Bitch” and Black Diamond impresses on “1 Threw 8”. On the mic, Mac holds his own alongside Cam’ron (“Ignorant”), Lil Wayne (“The Question”) and Kendrick Lamar (“Fight The Feeling”) and, in the end, comes out on top again.

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  • Gambino


  • Chris

    Not a Mac Miller fan at all, but this was the only project of his I could get through. You can see the growth as a rapper, and for the most part the beats are on point.

  • whip

    What does it mean to be a sensation? Do you have to be sensational?

  • haaannn (French voice)

    this mixtape was DOPE, im not the biggest Mac fan but damn. He finally actually started to rap instead of making those catchy kid bopz songs. good call on this one

  • Yeezus Christ

    not his best tape

  • Slim Baller

    I have to agree with this good pick

  • ronnie coleman

    good mixtape for sure

  • Mark

    Mac miller sucks but this mixtapes was fire can’t front

  • genericmofo’s

    i better see dom kennedy yellow album on
    of these picks

  • GTFO

    Can’t be mad at this one. Had a few good tracks. Overall great mixtape.

  • Bernbino


  • whoa!!

    First Mac Miller project that i could listen to in full.this was fire

  • GreenBeitz

    this shit had the only song by mac miller that i like on it, 1 threw 8…

  • i respect mac miller and especially his positive/good vibes attitude but just cant get into his music. “America” is dope (mostly for the CV and Badass features though). America was the first Mac song that I heard that I didnt wish was a Wiz Khalifa song…
    Y’all should check out my list here:
    Let me know what you think and leave a comment! Got some overlaps with RR and some other new ones. Naming 10 best is impossible but we are trying to throw some shine on projects that we thought were great from 2012.

  • chris

    this mixtape was king!

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