’12 Best R&B Albums: #1 Miguel Kaleidoscope Dream

Following a series of EPs, Miguel dodges the sophomore jinx with the release of his second studio album, Kaleidoscope Dream. He sets the mood with the modern day classic “Adorn” and inspires more sexual healings on “Don’t Look Back” and “Do You…”. Behind the bedroom doors, he shows his tender side (“Use Me”) but then quickly takes control between the sheets (“Pussy Is Mine”, “How Many Drinks”). Things only get better when he glides over the 808s on “Arch & Point” and uses the Labi Siffre-sample to his advantage on the title track. Sweet dreams.

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  • Rap Critic

    View what I think are the best albums of 2012 http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Shady13

    Well deserved. Congrats to Miguel.

  • Steve

    Somewhat agree. Definitely more cohesive than Channel Orange. I feel like Frank cares more about the storytelling then works on how it sounds. Miguel is the complete opposite. Ex: someone can say “do you like hugs/drugs?” but the way Miguel puts it musically makes somethin so simple sound extremely good.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I hear this album is on point.

  • Mag

    Miguel’s album was head and shoulders above Frank’s. Well deserved.

  • Tev Milli

    Yea this is a true R&B album

  • Chris

    I agree with this. The trendy pick is Frank Ocean but this is the best R&B album.

  • real niggas only

    this shit is still in rotation. well deserved

  • wow

    this album was pretty bad actually

  • …ummm

    …this album is ass.

  • Yeezus Christ

    another boring album, not even listenable smh you people are so weird

  • Vins

    You must be out your damn mind thinking this was beter than Channel Orange. You probably didnt even listen to the full album. The way Frank wrights is straight poetry, no Miguel can top that.


    Great album. When I heard it I had to buy it. I don’t know how those 2 comments above me can speak negatively about it.

  • Fuck rap radar

    Where is the dreams album. Now yall are acting like some radio pussies.

  • RC

    Not a fan of Miguel but I may check his album out. I dont really like his singles either. But the world ate that shit up.

  • Fix

    You outta of your fucking mind if you believe that this was better than Channel Orange… what song of Miguels tops Pyramids??? What song was as creatively structured as Sierra Leone??? Pushed the envelope like Bad Religion??? How could Adorn even come close to Pink Matter??? Come on now =(

  • d’evill

    i agree with the top 3, but not in that order. think it should have been:

    1. Trilogy
    2. CO
    3. KD

    but hey, guess that just my opinion.

    what i wanna know is how you decided what order you would put the albums in. its clearly just one guys personal opinion, this is meant to be a site where people interested in music come for their daily roundup of news. everything should be considered; the impact the artist had on the culture, sales etc. not just a biased viewpoint who doesn’t even matter when it comes to the culture.

    the list above is my personal opinion, but i can even tell you that channel orange should have won this hands down.

    also, where 1977. thats a great album…

  • d’evill

    also where in the hell is bj the chicago kid. that album is easily better than no. 4 and 5.

  • anonymous

    Well deserved, everybody hopped on the frank ocean bandwagon due to his “coming clean” as if there’s reason to think if you dont dig franks music your just being homophobic…..please. Miguel’s album is trippy af though.

  • Beaming

    Album is awesome good choice

  • 89

    trey songz chapter v is missing on this list. album was good

  • Space Ghost

    I didn’t feel this album but I respect the opinions of those who did.

  • datdude

    lmao kaleidoscope dream was better than channel orange?? do lyrics mean ANYTHING anymore?

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  • Da Business

    Gr8 Choice…

    Definitely got it in w/ this lp. Trey should have made the list tho.

  • Da Business


  • TruthBeTold


  • productofme

    sigh…Ne-Yo’s album was much better. displayed a much broader range of songwriting and vocally he hit just about every spectrum of music. Kaleidoscope sounded like a Rock-n-Roll R&B album to me

  • Boom

    Finally gave Miguel his props, huh? He was omitted from the 2011 list. Smh. Bout time!

  • Manj

    Miguel deserve that # 1 position. Congrats

  • St810

    All of ya’ll are fags

    • Da Business

      @ St180

      Either u’re a pre teen or u just don’t get no pussy.

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  • Nani

    Totally agree, he deserve it great album i can’t wait to see him next week Paris !!!

  • Young ra

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  • Anti-Lolipop Kid

    The Weeknd shits on every R&B album out, you homos are drunk. Miguel’s cack must be balls deep in someones anus.

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