’12 Best R&B Albums: #2 Frank Ocean channel ORANGE


Although the critically-acclaimed, Nostalgia, Ultra was never released commercially, Francis Ocean made up for it with his major label debut, channel ORANGE. Embodied by a wide variety of music genres including neo-soul (“Sweet Life”), a touch of pop (“Lost”) and a splash of electro-funk (“Monks”), Mr. Ocean pulls off a fully realized work of art. Sorry Bridget Kelly, but the Grammy-nominated “Thinking Bout You” was meant to be recorded by the author. And we couldn’t imagine anyone but Andre 3000 to lend his services to the sultry “Pink Matter.” Still it’s the heart-wrenching “Bad Religion” and the potent “Pyramids” (9:53 minutes and all!) that really kept us fiending for more. Deeper than sexuality, channel ORANGE is captivating and it is never too late to tune in.

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  • Stop dickriding

    This must mean Kaleidoscope Dream is #1 great list. These are my 2 favorites

  • Greggsybabe

    Channel orange 1 all day everyday, gtfoh

  • Steve

    Woooooow, didn’t see this coming. Miguel must be number one.I guess yall prefer the actual music over storytelling.

  • TheTruth

    Channel Orange is the best album in the last 10 years easy. Miguel is a Jon B/Prince swag jacker… And his hair looks like Anita Baker. That is all..

  • Gambino

    Kaleidoscope dreeeeam

  • Based Van Exel!


    You suck ass at trolling

  • just a hip hop fan

    your bugging this was way better than Miguels album

  • Faded

    this sight lost credibility in my eyes…this is no doubt #1

  • Devante

    5 Grammy nods… Why us this not #1?

  • Yeezus Christ

    how the fuck can anyone listen to this boring shit? i couldnt bare to listen to a full minute of any song because they were so fucking boring, i dont listen for lyrics so i dont give a fuck what he’s saying, all the beats were fucking making me fall asleep and it bored the shit out of me, i dont understand

  • …ummm


  • TheTruth

    @Based Van Exel! kick rocks… I said what everyone is thinking..

  • Rap Critic

    My Top 10 Albums of 2012.. http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • kbisburning

    Rarely comment but 6 Grammy nods…. Big L for the radar S M H

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    im all for artistic expression and this labum has that, i think its a bit overhyped still a good album tho, it gets pretty boring to me after a while tho imo

  • datdude

    lmao kaleidoscope dream was better than this? do lyrics mean ANYTHING anymore?

  • Stan

    Should’ve won, it’s such a great album. Really groundbreaking.

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