• Get Real

    Don’t get why rappers or Brandy are guest commentators on a sports show. Maybe Skip should guest blog for RR.

  • D Twice

    ^Now that would be entertaining.

  • Lenny

    There is no point to have rappers on the show. They arent sports analyst and the same amount of knowledge on sports as a common person. Nothing but First Take thirsty for some ratings

  • CaliSteppin

    He was pretty bad on the show he didn’t really say much or seemed like he knew alot. T.I. did the best on that show

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  • Blak c/o

    I fill Bun B, did the best.

  • zezzoi

    Why does this dude always wear shades indoors? The fucks wrong wit em

  • ballerboy

    Hawks bitch..

  • Cinnjamon3000

    Because they watch sports too. Don’t be ignorant.