New Video: Childish Gambino “L.E.S.”

Although Donald Glover isn’t shown, it looks like we get a few random nights in Lower East Side from his P.O.V. Dope song. Doper visuals.

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  • chillsthrill

    this knocks,,,,,like the vibe,,,,real ny sound

  • Meat Bob

    This was shown at the concerts.

  • Reg

    Great video… I HATE how underrated this dude is… love dem LES nights

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    CAUSE everbody listens to BIGGIE-

  • Wolf

    Royalty needs to be somewhere in that top 10 list

  • ss


  • dll32

    great video! great song! great artist! => that’s how it’s supposed to be

  • slik

    Im buyin his next album

  • Brandan

    Wasn’t that him in the car with the girl on top?

  • GreenThumb

    i FukS wIT’ Dis…..

  • REM


  • cru

    vimeo videos fucking suck

    that mess always lags

  • This is a fan made video. also this isn’t even all of les.


    I wish he would get some style and delivery that wasn’t just him doing his best Kanye on 808’s and Heartbreak impression. This nigga sucks.

  • dll32

    the fuck is wrong with you ??!!

  • Jerzzz

    This dude started rapping as a spoof and you clowns ate it up.
    Dannys talented no doubt, but the mans an actor, not a rapper.
    No wonder Trinidad Jerome got fans, y’all are too stupid to see the show.

  • Reg

    @Jerzzz you can make the same argument for Nicki Manaj… no?

  • Emma

    Childish Gambino is sick live! I’m waiting for him to come back to Orlando. I still remember everyone screaming UCLA when he performed You See Me. I’ve recently been getting into Watch the Duck, who is pretty similar. Their new mixtape is definitely worth checking out if you ask me!