Styles P, N.O.R.E, GFK, & Scram Jones At Cannabis Cup

High Times’ annual Cannabis┬áCup went down in Amsterdam last November and Styles P, N.O.R.E., Ghostface Killah, and Scram Jones all made the trek. If you couldn’t get pass customs, here’s film from their adventure. We’re getting high just watching this.

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  • Mike

    “You look like your name is Issaic.” -Nore

  • yella

    amsterdem what a city

  • Wil o

    This should be against the law showing us footage of this. It’s like showing porn to jail inmates all day locked the fuck up… It just ain’t right!

  • emdee

    We smoking the winners!

  • foekist

    Lucky bastards. And one of my new yrs res is to quit weed. Daaaaaaaaamn

  • cru

    ^^^^^ why?