’12 Best Singles: #2 Rick Ross Ft. Drake & French Montana “Stay Schemin”

Kurtis Blow wrote the hook. Nas flipped it. And French Montana sold it. It’s an undisputed fact that Rick Ross’ Rich Forever single set hip-hop 2012 off and even ignited a beef with Drake and Common. Y’all know how we feel about Drizzy’s performance but Frenchie’s verse was also noteable since folks struggled to comprehend his opening bars. Fanute? “From the hoopty coupe to the ghost dawg.” I ride for Rozay and producer Beat Bully’s smash. Salute!

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  • Mister B

    Clique at nr 1

  • Style-LIN on you

    Most of the best singles had Drake as a feature…Interesting lol

  • it’s the roc

    Can’t complain. This was an ill record even with French Montana slobbering all over it. Pause. How ill would it be if Killer Mike – Reagan was the #1 single? I would give RR a pass to post the same Rick Ross song 10 times in a row back to back if they did that.

  • Dashing

    It’s funny that you think Clique will be number 1 and I’m thinking “I Don’t Like.” Weird that one of them will be number 1 and one isn’t even as dserving as “Bitch Bad” by Lupe.

  • cfbny

    Drake KILLED all

  • .

    @it’s the roc – totally agree.. Reagan was one of the best tracks of the year! better than half the songs on this list. Top 10 albums – http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Slim Baller

    RIP to the other rappers on this tracks because drake absolutely murdered them

  • Watever

    “I ride for Rozay”. Really? I usually enjoy this site, but IMO you guys need to stop with these lists because they come off as extremely bias and based on personal preferences/relationships and not any type of journalistic objectivity.

  • B Rock

    still flopped

  • B Rock

    this is basically a drake song… nobody would care if drake wasn’t on it

  • AfricaZK

    http://www.MMG & YM Radar.com

  • Tec0ne

    YN – “i ride for rozay”
    That said it all..
    Nahright bout to takeover RapGaydar

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    I’m good with the original Kurtis Blow version

  • mike

    “Bitch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym”

  • Ronnie Mack JR

    B Rock how did it flop? It was a single of a mixtape bro? Quit hatin for no reason.

  • White Noise

    This shit over “Mercy”? Stop.

  • Maize

    this wasn’t even a official single tho 0_o

  • M.T

    dont think this shoulda been in the “best single” category but once again this was a dope song. Drake saved this song to be honest.

  • caliking

    this beat makes this track stick with you, one of those songs where you will move on and 6 months later play it and be like damn… love this fuckin song

  • tucq

    I like this song, but its better than “swimming pools”?
    Its better than “remember me”?
    “Keys 2 the Crib”?
    “Dreams & Nightmares”?
    “The Recipe”?

  • #Polo

    number 2? song is dope, but it didnt get any radio play, didnt really chart on itunes or billboard, ya’ll showing alot of love to drake i see

  • Man this song sucks

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