’12 Best Single: #5 2 Chainz x Drake “No Lie”

Truth be told, 2 Chainz made no mistake to push his duet with Drake as his debut’s lead single. Over Mike Will Made It’s smooth production, 2 Chainz keeps his boisterous tone, but slow walks through his unorthodox flow (“I take ya girl and kidnap her/Feed her to my mattress/A skeleton in my closet, it’s probably one of these dead ass rappers”). Champagne Papi’s guest verse may be the center of attention, but it’s his infectious hook that’s truly irresistible. No bullshittin’, this may very well be B.O.A.T.S.’ most favorable track. Sorry, Kanye.

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  • GreenBeitz

    i mean the bitches love drake so i guess i agree with this one…

  • Dashing

    Not sure this tops Mercy, but Ok.

  • Gambino

    Hot song, but I think Mercy was better

  • Kunta Kente

    No Officer ricky song were better than this and mercy

  • Tom

    Loved this track.. Mercy should be higher though! 2 Chainz had a hell of a year.. Excited to see who got the top 5! I’m expecting Kendrick Drank, Nas Daughters and would like to see Schoolboy Q Hands on the wheel! Probs be Ross though lol.. check out my fave albums of 2012 too http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Based Van Exel!

    Mercy SHITS on this song by a longshot and I fucking hate mercy.

    “I don’t like” By Chief Keef better be SINGLE OF THE YEAR

  • Tom

    Oh yeah chief keef will be up there! guaranteed

  • Dashing

    I Don’t Like
    Bandz a Make her dance
    Stay Schemin

    will be top 3.

  • Mop

    You guys better not forget all gold everything.

  • Oh yeah

    This nikka said 2pac without a nose ring
    Let the man Rest in Paradise
    These new rappers have no honor and no respect for the craft of hiphop

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