’12 Best Singles: #1 Juicy J Ft. Lil Wayne x 2 Chainz “Bandz A Make Her Dance”

Bandz will certainly make her dance, but it was Juicy J’s stripper anthem that kept the pussies poppin’ on a handstand. Embedded over Mike Will Made It’s hypnotic beat, Juicy J opens up the track and even welcomes the ratchet ones (“You say no to ratchet pussy, Juicy J can’t”). As a frequent customer at King of Diamonds, Tunechi even serenades Big Booty Judy (“What’s ya real name, and not your stripper name?”). But when it was all said and done spent, it was 2 Chainz energetic delivery that gets the standing ovation (“Pocket full of money, money! Young nigga getting head while the engine running”). Claps all around. Literally.

Previously: #10 Lupe Fiasco “Bitch Bad” l #9 E-40 Ft. YG, iamSu & Problem “Function” l #8 Future “Same Damn Time” l #7 Meek Mill x Drake “Amen” l #6 G.O.O.D. Music “Mercy” l #5 2 Chainz x Drake “No Lie” l #4 French Montana Ft. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne “Pop That” l #3 Nas “Daughters” l #2 Rick Ross Ft. Drake x French Montana “Stay Schemin

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  • Hot 97 Playlist carbon copy is what this best of thing is.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    This list is FXCKED!!! It’s all out of order and there’s no mention of Kendrick’s “Swimming Pools” the fxck!?

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    This song was/is garbage, single of the year was let it go by red cafe….” jungle beats hola at me”

  • JHP

    “Mercy” is at #6, and you put this at #1? Are you fucking serious? Mercy charted at #13 on the Hot 100, and #1 on 3 other US Billboards, went double platinum, and received 2 grammy nominations. The word “Swerve” became a national phenomenon, like everyone I know started saying that word after that song dropped. Not to mention Mercy is just a better song in every way. Damn near all the #1s have been either incorrect, or stupid as fuck.

  • .

    Not one Kendrick song? chief keef? clique? killer mike? MEH! My top 10 albums http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Truth

    Where’s all gold everything??

  • Realshyt

    Another song I got twirkd on!

  • damone

    Wow! These dudes ain’t saying nothing on this song. Baby rap.

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    Of course, can’t argue with this list except ‘Bitch Bad’ and ‘Function’. I haven’t heard those songs once on the radio but that might just be because the area I live in.

    Oh, and no ‘Gangnam Style’? LOL.

  • mikey

    where is Swimming Pools?

  • GreenBeitz

    lol IM obviously not the problem these fucking comments got me dying over here..

  • Fukdj Khaled

    No Kendrick you guys should change the name of the site to Fuck niggas radar

  • Tru Talk

    LMFAO wow, u will never see me on this site again, Rap Radar you fucking suck…. This song is a joke and a shame to a already struggling society…. Rap just got that much closer to officially having a flat line…. BIG SIGH

  • jobie

    I disagree with the list. If its about radio songs? Daughters or bitch bad do not belong not belong. If its about airplay and then clique or mercy should be on top. No Swimming Pools? Rack City? New God Flow? Beez in the Trap?

  • Omar Hameen

    Bible on the dash by gunplay was clearly the song on the year

  • M.T

    i aint mad at this. shit was dope.

  • RSX

    4 Drake tracks doe.

  • Ken P

    this song is aight…not the song of the year though…that would have to be mercy…stay scheming shouldnt even be on the list

  • tucq

    I think its funny how you guys seem 2 hold this “banner” for “real hipHop”, yet u made Bandz the #1 song? And I’m not sayin its not the shit, cuz it is, but it just seems like a weird choice for Rap Radar to make.

    “Juicy J CAINT CAINT CAINT CAINT CAINT” has 2 be the line of the year, tho…lol

  • …ummm


  • Jaymalls

    So this was better than Mercy??? It wasn’t bigger… We BOTH know that! Pop That is trash n barely scraped gold, Nas’s “Daughters” is dope but shouldn’t b in the top 5 IMO!
    Stay Schemin??? Really???

  • cru


  • chino

    the number 1 song shouldve been power circle by MMG

  • Wow. Mercy was hands down the #1 song of the yr. Wayne and his struggle ass bars do not deserve number 1.

  • Smh

    RossRadar does it again!!!!

  • DaBoyAG

    Lol @ the Swimming Pools snub.

  • George

    mercy number 6? r u guys normal

  • PolarBearsToenails

    This song is alright but I can’t get past the Wayne verse. Could be his all time worst.

  • Jazz

    I’m surprised “Rack City” isn’t up there or “Cashin Out”

  • Cruel Thing

    No, this number one is bull shit

  • Realshyt

    (The legend)Wayne’s verse was sick dont hate

  • Roc


  • ultrakid

    MERCY SHOULD BE #1, that song even made 2 chainz a bigger star than he was, not this song.

  • 85

    I see, the best hip-hop single in 2012 overall is a stripper anthem …

    C’mon son !

  • @joserosae


  • maad city

    are you serouis guys? i cant call this rap!

  • marlo

    fucking rap radar come on how much is ymcmb/mmg paying you guys

  • Normal

    Lmao this site is a joke now. Why don’t the people have the power to VOTE for who should be winning these categories. Rap Radar has no ear for music and is incredibly biased. They sold out.. They’ve been too busy poppin mollys and have to many good memories to this song. Just wait til they catch their daughters twerking to this song in a cpl years…

  • HOVA

    Ok, now this is silly. Out of all the singles dropped in 2012 this is the best? LMFAO

  • B.A.G.

    @JHP…. I was about to get tight and talk my shit but you said all that needed to be sad. Thank you

  • So much hate in these comments lol. This was clearly an anthem of 2012. When people look back on rap records this past year in the future, love it or hate it, this song will stand out.

  • B.A.G.

    @D.Scott… and anthem to what??? Throwing money at hoes at the strip club??? Come on… I live in California and this was no where near an Anthem just ignorant Rap Music

  • figaro

    man, my nigga Juicy pimpin is my niglet but how y’all gon’ say this was the best or the biggest song of the year???? YALL HAVE TO BE MAD RETARDED TO THINK THIS. AND Y’ALL RUN A FUCKING HIP-HOP BLOG, yo. Like, let’s pretend A$AP my niglet Rocky didn’t release GOLDIE and MY niglet SPACEGHOSTPURP din’t release 3 classics in a row. Y’all just can’t stop dickriding the south when you know the best rap musics is coming out the east coast my nigga, This shit stupid my nigga, like what the hell did you even do all year my nigga? I HOPE Y’ALL FEEL HAPPY WHEN YOU SEE RICK ROSS BROWSING YO SHITTY ASS RAP BLOG IN HIS VLOG VIDEOS Y’ALL CAUSE HE A FAKE STUPID NIGGA LIKE YOU ARE. I AM REAL MAD PEOPLE THAT TRUST OR TRUSTED THIS WEBSITE LIKE MYSELF HAVE TO COME HERE AND SEE THIS MOTHERFUCKIN’ MESS. FUCK Y’ALL.

  • xp

    People need to understand something…at the end of the day a blog as prestigious as rapradar can have their list and justify it the way they see fit. Its not your list or America’s list forcing you to agree with them, its just their list. Their omission of certain songs shouldn’t come as a surprise as there are many good Songs exceeding the number 10, but there is an intelligent way they are choosing them and all you can do is like it or not..and go listen to your favorites on your ipod.

  • #Polo

    ^^you must be from harlem. Goldie? really? i understand you a ASAP fan , but you know damn well. those songs didnt pop like that. now his “fuckin problems” is a hot record. as is “Bandz” “Swimming Pools” and Mercy & Clique

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