’12 Worst Albums: #2 Kreayshawn Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay

something about kreay-cover

Surprise surprise, Kreayshawn finds herself back on one of our “Worst” lists. Her signature single “Gucci Gucci” may have caught millions of views on the Tube as well as gotten her a deal with Sony, but the end result of her debut album was very painful to sit through in its entirety. Only good thing here is DJ Two Stacks’ production on “Summertime” and “Left Ey3” but not even a KiD Cudi hook (“Like It Or Love It”) nor 2 Chainz’ assistance (“Breakfast (Syrup)”) could have given this project a pulse. “The Ruler” contains horrific and embarrassing lyrics. The hook for “K234ys0nixz” is disturbing. Plus, the Oakland femcee makes matters worse on the Pop-ish records “BFF (Best Friend)” and the closing track “Luv Haus”. Ah, finally it’s over!

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  • http://god.com Rompe Te Culo

    i’d still fuck her tho.

  • Big D

    This album was classic we still bang this in my hood. Shouts out to Kreay for the masterpiece

  • kid cassette

    u buggin this album was actually good!

  • Based Van Exel!

    This is the worst album of 2012…


  • Based Van Exel!



  • Carlito R

    I wonder who the A&R’s and Executive Producers were and do they still have a job?

  • Booby Boi

    onifc deserves number one on this list

  • Cruel Thing

    Oh god, this is second? What the fuck will be first?

  • Young ra

    First Single Off My Mixtape “Be Ok”
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  • Marko V

    Soon you will hear about some dope female artist being inspired by this album. That’s just how it goes.


    This is #1 not keef

  • floridaboy

    i’d fuck her in one pic then in another she look dirty af

  • WestCoast

    This bitch was beefin wit Boss and The King Of the West…she never had a shot lol

  • dopeness

    old fucks from rr will never understand hiphop smh

  • http://rapradar.com Ben

    Rapradar hatez the westcoast anyway…..she’s better than Ross

  • acidrap

    I’d blow out her butthole.Thats all.

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  • Luke-E

    Agree with everyone who said she should have the number one spot on that list, I’d love some nosh of this bitch though :) Kreayshawn Y U NO QUIT RAP AND BECOME PORN STAR?!?!?