’12 Worst Albums: #3 Ja Rule PIL 2


Eight long years. Eight long years. Released during his current incarceration for gun possession and tax evasion, PIL 2 was Ja Rule’s first album since 2004’s R.U.L.E. Damn, that’s hard to believe. Ja decided to stick to the old script and re-connect with producer Aurelius Seven who handled the entire project. Too bad this beatmaker has lost his touch. Even the somewhat enjoyable opener “Real Life Fantasty”, where Ja laments the loss of fellow Murder Inc. artists, sounds too choppy. Still Ja’s not excused as his lyrical content is pretty boring. “Black Vodka” has no flavor. “Drown” is dreadful. And “Superstar” is more crossover pop slop. How dare Ruleski disrespect his 2001 triple platinum masterwork? This sequel stinks.

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    Real Life Fantasy is classic. this needed more tracks like that and it might of been a good album.

  • hjhjh

    i liked the album

  • S

    This was his best work. From the heart! Screw RR

  • Leave him alone already

  • Jus10

    F’ you guys. I’m not even a Ja Rule fan, but I liked this album.
    Ja spoke about his real life pain instead of ANOTHER album about gangster shit.
    If his next project is anything like this, I’ll dig it.

  • Chris

    These all seem like easy targets.

  • Jus10

    …and on another note, I hate party songs, but BLACK VODKA was insane!


  • When did “Pain is love” get to “masterwork” status? Sure, it has some cute hits so DJ’s have something to play for the white kids who want to pretend they’re “hood” in a dance hall their parents rented for a sweet sixteen.

    Never in the history of hip hop debate will a Ja Rule verse ever be quoted in Ja’s favor. He made watered down hip hop and along with Irv Gotti took hip hop into an decade of generic decadence. Taking out anything that Chuck D or a Kraftwerk sample did to make hip hop a respectable genre.

    Picking Ja Rule for a worse album list is like picking calling yourself a baseball aficionado by picking the Chicago Cubs to NOT win the world series this year! NO BRAINER

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Irv Gotti is somewhere laughing…..but all alone


    haters gonna hate if you actually listened to the album its up there with the best releases… album is about real shit not just bitches cars bottles and money fuck outer here with this bullshit #FreeRule

  • markcrunk

    never even knew ja rule had an album out in 2012.
    vinni vetti vecci was the best work he ever done!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Outside looking in: it’s wild how Ja Rule paid bills for A LOT of industry cats, DJs, Producers AND other rappers. Blogs weren’t as rampant as they are now. Fast forward 6 years everyone forgot.

    I take my hat off to rapper’s; this is a thankless job. I guess Andre 3000 was right “you only funk as your last cut.” SMH

    We would NEVER hear our Grandparents throw Al Green, Marvin Gaye OR Kenneth Gamble (before you crack a joke, do your research, one of THE most used samples) under the bus.

  • Lantern Core

    Ja’ Rule dropped an album last year?


    ja-rule is a booty popping monkey..

  • Musikal

    Didnt even know he had an album.

  • Realshyt

    Yeaah didn’t know he braught this out! The first one was sick! Yooo can’t hate Ja I think he had a better career then 50 foreal lol I remember more hits of Ja is what I’m saying

  • hannibal lecture

    50 took ja off his square. He had hits he had the radio on smash for like 3 years straight.

  • Concrete Rose

    “BLACK VODKA” IS SOME CLASSIC MATERIAL.That’s a really good song, one of the best songs of last year, actually. He’s not doing the typical “gansta” talk, he did a great job on that song. He has a good flow and rides the beat perfectly. Come on, Elliot Wilson you gotta give credit where credit is due. Wilson you get no respect for your misleading assessment of Ja Rule PIL 2.

    THIS ALBUM IS WELL-PUT TOGETHER, AND SHOWS GROWTH, which is is rather rare in Hip-Hop.

  • Fukdj Khaled

    Who even listened to this??? Rap radar is full of Fuck niggas

  • M.T

    Black Vodka>>>>>
    but yea the rest of this album was pretty bad. I still fuck wit some of Ja Rule’s old shit tho.

  • Gaz

    Never really been into ja rules music, but I liked this album, production wise not the best, but a great album, and black vodka has no flava? wtf did you listen to?

  • imperial85

    This was a good album. YN, kill yo self.

  • DaShit

    Ja is a real nigga so fuk u


    “Black Vodka” has no flavor!?! Seriously, what’s wrong with you YN?

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  • slik

    Ive finally realized this is some dick-riding bitch ass site…The album was actually good, yall are just some ross loving homos..Ive hated ja rule for over 10 years until this album..So for me to say it was good, it obviously had to be good

  • bullti

    WTF… this album was amazingly better than anything rick ross put out last year.

    This album was pretty good – it was by no means one of the third worst album of the year. Not even close. It had some fucking good songs on it. It also had very little promotion and was released while he was in prison – I really liked the album.

    Whoever is writing these lists is a fucking idiot.

    Oh let me guess, that fucking rick ross album will be the best album of the year, if not it will be top 3…. BS.

    If its not Nas, life is good as #1 then this site has lost whatever credibility it had left.

    This Ja album was refreshing and was great to hear a new angle from a guy thats going down swinging.

  • jug

    I agree pretty good content RR be dick riding too half the shit came out this year was equally or less creative! I agree about the production

  • Demeyez

    Did you guys not listen to the album?? Smh..This album is a fuckin classic!!!! You have to know the struggles Rule was going through to understand the album shit is a banger!!! Best album of that year!!! #PIL2 #FREERULE

  • major

    PIL 2 is one of the best albums to drop last year ja is a great artist and music lovers should appreciate his work, free rule

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  • ebnuakoh

    y’all is crazy, is music quality sales performance based??
    fuck outta here.. i now know not to read blogs from ignorant sites like this.
    who even cares what you say?? o and let me tell you, this is not murder inc day where there was huge budgets k? This man came out his own pockets, do your homework and you would know how it is to do it all by yourself as an indie. Before you talk, spit.. cos you look pathetic talking with a sputum and your mouth.. I ain’t heard it tho…

    holla at real niggas fake fucks!!!

  • BigShot

    Funny how 80% of the comments disagree with your stupid ass. This album was a good album. Stop hating on Ja Rule. That was a good 7 years ago fools.

  • jordan

    this album was fucking great critics can eat a fucking dick wise words from NAS go listen to some rihanna and blog your little faggot ass away on how great it was why dont you and im an eminem fan since 4 saying ja is great so you are obviously very poor at doing your job whatever drake is getting payed for doing nothing so why cant you? enjoy your job

    • DarwinwasWrong


  • jordan

    call me if you disagree with my statements id love to chat 1714-609-5436 im a musician myself so this is why im posting this because talent deserves to be recognized or else were just going to continue to listen to what the radio has recently been delivering and im not game at all so get at me

  • DarwinwasWrong

    I agree with this article. The quality is poor and sounds choppy, also sounds like ja is slurring his words or the cheap production made it like that.

  • Dirty SkillZ

    Dude, Are you serious. I’m just hearing this album now and it fuckin rocks.

    • DarwinwasWrong


  • Luke-E

    Come on, it was an ok album, not great but not by any means a bad album, I hate the fact that when someone gets destroyed in beefs that people can’t appreciate their music anymore, sure em & 50 ripped him to shreds but that doesn’t mean he is a bad artist.