’12 Worst Albums: #4 Azealia Banks 1991


Azealia Banks kept it short on 1991. But depending on who you ask, she probably could’ve kept it to herself. Azealia’s efforts are admirable, but her EP is a messy integration of dance and hip-hop. Filling the void of Snap! and Crystal Waters is tough, but unlike her predecessors, Azealia’s lyrics are convoluted and shielded behind mindless instrumentals. 1991 was a good year, but we’ll leave this one in 2012.

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  • Ivy Blue Hov

    “interrogation of dance and hip-hop”? And you graduated college…. SMDH

  • Watever

    What a surprised? B.Dot has been shitting on Banks all year. Funny how this album made most publications best of the year list…

  • just a hip hop fan

    she is the worst thing to happen to hip hop in a while ughh even using the word “hip hop” to describe anything about her makes me feel weird lol

  • BlackAnastasia

    Who signed this Atrocious female?She is the worst female rappers I’ve ever heard..

  • it’s the roc

    haha, great writeup. no soup for you!

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    Hahahahaha… “intergation of dance and hip-hop”? The word you are looking for is “integration”, Brian. Take pride in your product B.dot. Love from Manchester, England!

    • B.Dot

      Thanks for the spell check Mavis Beacon. Love, America.

  • Mellow

    Honestly, I feel like RR just wanted to find a reason to shit on her music. How often do EP’s even get acknowledged as albums? I dont even care for Azealia’s music like that, but this was just another opportunity to talk bad about her. Kinda lame.

    • B.Dot

      @mellow. Anything sold counts as an album. i.e.: Bad Meets Evil’s EP. Take a listen a listen and call me back.

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    B.dot when hov gon drop his new work?

  • Mellow

    @B.Dot Cmon! Of course that was gonna get acknowledged as an album! Lol. And naw, Im sure this project is garbage, but I just feel like yall went out of yall way to say it was garbage. That’s all. Still respect what you guys do over there.

  • nucky thompson




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  • Black Hippy

    Dudes hate on this broad because she’s not humble and she could eat up most of these cats alive on a track. No surprise the hateration continues to flow in her direction.

    She’s doing new shzt. Get over it. Not your sound? Stop posting it. Better yet, stop posing your subjective personal opinion as fact or objective evaluation of her work. She wouldn’t have buzz around the globe if people weren’t digging her.

    I don’t see how artists like Nicki or Iggy don’t get slammed to the same degree for the projects they put out, when they’ve definitely put out some garbage.

  • Luke-E

    This is actually a great EP, don’t know why it’s getting all the hate.