’12 Worst Albums: #5 Diggy Unexpected Arrival


Diggy’s my nigga, I hate it had to be him. But Unexpected Arrival was dead on arrival. Run’s son showed great potential on his “Made You Look” debut but his first album fails to ignite. He stumbles out the gate on “Hello World”, loses our interest on “I Need To Know” and guest Jadakiss can’t save the painful “88.” Young Simmons asserts himself better on “Two Up” and “4 Letter Word” and even adds some singing in the mix. But besides the LP’s saving grace, the dandy duet with Jeremih, “Do It Like You”, Diggy digs himself a major hole. Here’s hoping the talented kid’s second act brings him back in the game. Rumble, young man, rumble.

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  • el rey

    agree wit this

  • Yeezus Christ

    his mixtape was 100,000 times better than this

  • Slim Baller

    The funny thing is the album wasn’t that bad. Don’t henne wrong it wasn’t anything special but still


    “Picture me hating on a young n***a with talent. Album flopped, but it’s cool he caked out on his allowance.”
    That’s the line that ended diggys career. Ha!

  • GreenBeitz

    this shit barely had any promotion anyway..

  • GreenBeitz

    not from this website of course but overalllll..

  • Steve

    I completely forgot it came out lol

  • Tweet That Rev Run!!

  • it’s the roc

    hahaha, you could have gave this kid a break and let him fail in silence. diggy becoming a punchline, he needs to steal j.cole at the bet awards this year

  • Throne

    Can we get a “’12 Best Diss Records” list?

  • Jacob

    That’s what happens when you sign to Atlantic records, they only want you to make pop shit

    I.e. Lupe Fiasco – Lasers, Diggy, Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers

  • Devante

    The labels tried to mold him into a teenage Drake and failed…

  • @jacob

    that mean cassidy would hold the 1 and 2 spot mmgrr would not let that happen mabey next year

  • pp

    “unwelcome arrival”

    “faggot rich kid”

  • GreenBeitz

    ” this here, this for the sport, some of you mad cuz the sport happens to be skateboardin”

  • GreenBeitz

    “well some of ya, cant even get on a skateboard, so now, we got 4 wheels to roll over yall bloggers on”

  • The truth

    Ahh Yellow NIgga any reason why you aint post the Cassidy interview with the Gd’s? it’s seams rather rap related since this is “rap radar” why this aint on here?. Stop Politicin’. This is the truth.

  • GreenBeitz

    stop bein a hype, lil marc ass buster…^^

  • brollya

    and he sold 30k… shit was crazy cuz after dat, wenever somebody did some low numbers, we a be lik “my nigga did diggy numbers” he can rap tho

  • Marlonz

    This kid is corny thats why he failed. He was on MTVs runs house growing up in a mansion , after that dont nobody take u serious as a rapper


    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’13!!!

  • Why does it seem to be cool for rappers to brag about how rich they are but it’s not cool for a kid to grow up rich?



  • Melissa

    The thing is… it’s mostly because of the bad promotion. Plus, it got leaked… His twitter and facebook got hacked on the same date as the official release date. It just didn’t work, unfortunately. I still think it’s good content wise. It’s pretty deep. You especially should listen to the bonus track ”What’s Going On”.
    What bothers me the most, though. Why do people keep hating on him because he’s born rich? Isn’t this about his talent? Isn’t it about his passion and love? Stop judging his background and focus on the MUSIC. 🙂 At least learn a little bit about him and watch some of his interviews. It’s a real eye opener.
    Just wait until you hear his upcoming mixtape ”Out Of This World”!

  • Gerald

    Wow I loved the album but hey I guess when you don’t call women B’s and Hoes you don’t get respect in this hip hop community. It’s a shame that what I grew up listening to is being demolished. They didn’t even cuss back in the day. I thought this album was great and classic. Lil’ holmie did well and deserves more respect but again I forget some people listen to French Montana, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, and other crap “hip-hop” instead of Tupac, Run DMC, BIG, and Heavy D. I feel like Diggy is bringing back old school and we need that. Keep up the good work son!

  • I loved this album.. Give my boy a chance and don’t judge him. He’s talented just admit it.

  • wrong

    This actually was one of the best albums of the year. And Diggy is surprisingly one of the best new rappers coming up. Everyone is entitled to opinion but this time its wrong.

  • Alex

    This is a bunch of bullshit “Unexpected Arrival” tops the trash that Rick Ross and all them other niggas will ever make!! Whoever wrote this is a dumbass that is sitting behind a computer screen hating while this kid is out in the industry trying to make it and be successful. Diggy’s music talks about teenage love and touches on his life that youth can relate too. Not about having sex, getting money, and all this other shit that this rappers are rapping about. Plus, Diggy is 17 and he music is real while these other rappers are in there 20’s or 30’s rapping about shit that I would expect a 14 year old would say. “Unexpected Arrival” is great and all of you who’s bashing Diggy is either deaf or is just a fucking DUMBASS.

  • Alex


  • Sunny

    Listen, this album wasn’t Diggy’s best work, we fucking know. But it was NOT that fucking bad. How do you not take a kid serious because he was living in a mansion. That ain’t his money, it’s his Dad’s. He didn’t choose to be born into that family. Y’all holding him against things that’s not his fault. He’s actually a pretty nice lyricist and produces amazing work. It was his first album. You haven’t seen the best of him yet, just y’all wait.

    OOTW2013.. All I gotta say.

  • Sarue

    Isn’t it funny how rap with serious content is pushed aside while you guys openly accept songs about hoes, money and cars? It’s also pretty ironic how most of the people who listen to these songs don’t have any of that. I think that this album was great and it actually tackled real issues. Then again, we live in a society that cares more about strippers, sex and drugs than overcoming racism or anything serious like that.

  • Tatum

    RapRadar is BULLSHIT for posting this. The album is great in every way. Plus, he had the balls to rap about stuff that most of these cunts in the rap game couldn’t. What are y’all trying to say, he should go kill someone, get shot, do drugs and try again? Fuck you assholes !! Clean rap that can lift up a person is not accepted? You people rather listen to garbage than something you can learn positive stuff from. It’s ok, continue to show how stupid y’all are, ignorant and lack music taste. He’s not gonna stop making music either bitches !!!

  • Lexi

    this is crazy. Diggy’s album is one of the deepest and best and it results in this? this is not what i expected… but i know that Diggy gonna blow y’all out the water with his mixtape that’s coming out. #OOTW2012.

  • Lexi

    this is crazy. Diggy’s album is one of the deepest and best and it results in this? this is not what i expected… but i know that Diggy gonna blow y’all out the water with his mixtape that’s coming out. #OOTW2013.

  • jean

    man, Diggy really has mad talent,,,, the album has shit to do with his rapping! he can out rap half the niggas in the game right now. all the nursery rhymes niggas rappin about, he got mad skills! thats what’s it’s all about!!!!!!

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  • Deja

    It is funny how its cool for rappers to brag about how rich they are but it’s not cool for a kid to grow up rich…It’s funny how a POSITIVE rapper don’t get half the respect a stupid,ignorant,trash ass rapper gets.Cheif Keef?What now people gon say he the best rapper alive?Sad to see a kid get bashed for trynna rap stuff appropriate for everyone like Run-DMC and Lupe and he gets this crap written about him all the time…I’ll admit out of the 3years I’ve been listening to him it isn’t his best but it sure is better that most of the rap produced today

  • Deja

    Funny how a kid who tries to be positive in everything he does, get bashed by everyone.How is it okay to lie about being “paid” & “rich” but not to be born rich?And yet people worship Chief Keef ignorant ass….this generation is messed up

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  • Luke-E

    Quite a good album, I’m starting to believe whoever made this list is smoking crack, I could easily find 20 rap albums worse than 95% of this list.

  • thugloveee__

    Soo just because he doesn’t talk about money and hoes makes his album bad? He’s verry talented and a damn good rapper/singer so whoever wote this clearly had major problem

    • iloveunderratedmusic

      +thuglovee_ exactly! Diggy is an amazing rapper and Unexpected Arrival is definitely one of his best albums. Some people just like shitty music instead of listening to a true artist :'(