’12 Best Albums: #4 Rick Ross God Forgives, I Don’t

god forgives i dont-cover

The MMG general is the epitome of a hustler. After dropping an acclaimed mixtape at the top of the year, Rick Ross kept the grind going into the summer before finally delivering his fifth album, God Forgives, I Don’t. William’s rags-to-riches story rings off with the riveting”Pirates” and grows more sinister on the Cool & Dre-produced “Ashamed”. The J.U.S.T.I.C.E League returns to spearhead “Maybach Music IV” while the soulful bed provided by Cardiak brought Miami’s street life to “Amsterdam”. Rozay remained in his comfort zone to serve his fellow bosses (“Hold Me Back”, “911”, “So Sophisticated”), but he also catered to the ladies with Usher and Omarion (“Touch N’ You”, “Ice Cold”). “Diced Pineapples” was succulent and sweet with Wale’s poetic thoughts and Drake’s sultry hook. Lest we forget, Rick commissions the game’s top veterans with 5 star verses from the likes of Andre 3000 (“Sixteen”) and Jay-Z (“3 Kings”). But don’t get it twisted, the man himself proves he deserves the lead role on the cinematic “10 Jesus Pieces”. Amen.

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  • fsl4lfe

    As long as Dedication 4 is Number One, Im good..

  • whoa!!!!

    Albums that deserve to 10
    Good kids maad city
    Life is good
    Habits and contradictions
    Trouble man
    R.A.P. Music
    Vicious Lies and Dangerous
    Food and liquor 2
    This site is a joke

  • LuxuryRap

    Didn’t care for this album at all

  • Word

    FIGURES! I just posted in the last post about how this was a virtual LOCK. You guys are DICKRIDERS. Ross album was NOT that great. Def not even better than Meek Mills album, but I understand you guys are obligated to promote this guys album to death. Thats why I rarely visit this site anymore, but I been commenting recently holding out hope you guys would do something right

    The top 3 better go GKMC > Life is Good > Jesus Piece. Thats the only way i’ll say you guys did a decent job.

  • Word

    FnL2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GFID by miles!

  • No Way Hozay

    The MMG general is the epitome of a compulsive lair. After dropping an acclaimed mixtape at the top of the year which relied on feature after feature William kept going into the summer before finally delivering his fifth album, God Forgives, I Don’t. William’s rags-to-riches story is yet another example of his lies………………………………………………………..SMH

    I hate you Internets niggas. Ha!

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    sixteen and presidential are my fav tracks. Pharrell killed that beat and Elijah Blake killed the hook. And the last verse of Hold Me Back is a lyrical masterpiece. HA!

    I wonder what number 3 is. It should be Game but… (See other lists)

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    3 MMG albums in the top 10. Yall are makin niggas sick to be honest, just thought I’d let you RR niggas know. DIckriding isnt healthy

  • Dashing

    I think this deserves to be on the list. It was solid. Not mad about the #4 spot.

    Really curious about #3. Whatever it is I think will be undeserved. Lupe, T.I., Game?

  • MMG


  • Peekay

    this album was overrated and dull. Nothing innovative or new

  • No Way Hozay



  • Unbiased

    This Album is Nominated for a Grammy haaaa Haters Mad

  • young

    I hope Trouble Man will be part of the top3

  • CJF

    i like Ross, i love his lyricism, but this album was – boring, massively overrated, repetitive, below par, Wale & Jay Z were the only good parts, overrrated (again)

  • GreenBeitz

    lmaoooo @NoWayHozay

  • Rossradar strikes again. This album was boring and repetitive

  • Facts

    The album is bad and did not get much attention in the hiphop world

    It had no influence

    I don’t really understand how you place it this high or place it here at all

    It would be more consistent if you replace the spot KRIT’s album got with this one right here

  • Word

    From now on @B.Dot, I think it’d be better if you guys did individual Top 10 albums of the year. Let Amaya, Big Homie, YN, and you just have one post and brief reasons why, or something. Leave every other list as RR’s top list…but do individual ALBUMS, because thats the main thing and I KNOW you guys don’t all believe Ross or Self Made 2 should be on this list. This looks like YNs grubby paws are all over this list. This reflects the connections HE has, but I know you guys have differing opinions too! Try it out for next year! Or even post a quick one this year if you want! Just to see how you guys each voted.


    This album was a huge step back from Teflon Don. 3 Kings and Sixteen were the only tracks with any replay value. Im a fan of the Boss, but Its clear to see this is not his best work.

  • Word

    MARK MY WORDS: Next year, Rick Ross Mastermind WILL be in the top 5 regardless of how it sounds. Trust me.

  • GreenBeitz

    @Word i think they all have an equal say just about, and if they did do individual “album lists”, yall would be bitchin and moanin even more..

  • MMG

    Dont forget this album is nominates for a grammy

    thank elliot follow me on twitter g_king67

  • NEM

    Ross Radar @ it again.

  • fsl4lfe

    Doesn’t matter what y’all thing. Ross is already one of the greats.

  • Da Business

    Not # 1

    That’s a surprise RR

  • BizzyBone

    I placed this at 4 too…. 3 Jesus Piece….2..Life is Good…1..K.dot

  • Joshua T.

    So it looks like Life Is Good & good kid, m.A.A.d city are locks for the top 3. No idea who’s gonna share that with them though. But judging from what everyone is saying, looks like Jesus Piece was way better than expected. I haven’t heard it though.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    #4? William isnt going to be happy. I guess the RR staffers wont be getting their WINGSTOP gift cards for not putting William L. Roberts at #1.

  • bcro28

    lol @ zoomzoomdad-otis. this dude kills it every time I come hear.

  • Aggie Pride

    Kendrick #1
    SchoolboyQ #2
    Nas #3

  • SuperMarioKart64

    Damn I’ve been using this site for a long ass time. After these year end lists though, I gots to bounce. Too commercial now I guess, even internet blogs can get to big. Been a good ride but this shit is getting embarrassing. Off to find a rap blog not being pig roasted by Officer Ricky and Hov. Peace.

  • CaliSteppin

    Trouble Man # 3

  • Baous

    Only #4? Blasphemous. This was the best album to come out since “Teflon don”, certified classic & def album of the year. Do better, RR

  • Every yr y’all get mad at someone else’s opinion. Good album, wasn’t as great as he proclaimed it would be though.

  • Balla

    Why am I not surprised? This album was a huge letdown, maybe if you got Ross’ nuts out ya mouth you would realize that

  • Mister B

    Top 3 gonna be:
    3. T.I
    2. Nas
    1. Lamar

  • TAS

    My top 10 album list http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Ikie baby

    It dont matter how great of a album rozay meek mill or even wale put out you suckaz on here will say it was trash.. Even dj premier said gfid was one of his best albums of the year…

  • bdotisafuckboy

    lamo surprised these fuckboys didnt put it at number 1, this phony ass nigga shouldnt even be allowed a rap career

  • shun


  • White Noise

    SMH. Embarrassing.

  • Officer Rick Ross

    The RR/MMG circle jerk continues

  • @BlueScalise

    Its a dawn shame white boys can separate the real rap from the bullshit that is shoved down or throats on the daily. We just go along for the ride.

  • Word

    @GreenBeitz – Heck no! I think individual list would give a better representation of what each of the writers music taste are. The way its done now just tells me what the entity “RapRadar” feels about music, and really it leans to YNs taste in my opinion since he’s the man in charge. I doubt Big Homie or B.Dot share sentiments with Ross being this high up, or having the Self Made album on here. Maybe one has it lower, or higher, or not there at all. To me itd just give me a sense of where each writers taste lies and at least show theres not any dickriding on from this blo

  • bdotisafuckboy

    I can also say i have never listen rick ross albumm or mixtape because i dont support a guy who built his whole career off someones elses name

  • DJ

    Embarrassing indeed. three MMG albums in the top 10? really? Meeks album deserves to be on but this album and Self made dont deserve to be top 10! the content and concept for all the songs on them two albums are pretty much the SAME!

    just embarrassing rap radar… still fuk with your site but this is just messed up…

  • surge303

    MMG= Making Men GAY

  • Apparently, according to Rap Radar, the formula for a great album is to have a mixtape that spawns a bigger single than your album (Stay Schemin), get out-rapped on several of your songs (“Sixteen” , “3 king”), have no songs that play on the radio, ship gold, but not sell gold & of course your biggest move as a “bawse” is hiring a former BET Boy Band has-been onto your “roster”.

    Rappers, you have the solution, now use it!

    sales don’t matter, but when you say you’re a “bawse” or “king” , they kinda do.

  • M.T

    lol @ the comments


    Jay z verse was the most talked about thing on this album. even TJ Maxx acknowledged him.

    Teflon Don>> GFID

  • Q

    B dot and big homie must have got KO by Game in the past hater…Jesus Piece bitch!

  • Cruel Thing

    Fuck this album

  • yesken

    i think ross put a lot of effort in this one. gfid is really sophisticated. i missed having some more hardcore / blood pumpings beats like hold me back. but when i wanna listen to that type of music i just sit back with selfmade vol 2.

    no hating / dickriding. i used to really fuck with gunit and 50 back in the days and ross and mmg music make me feel the same way as wheni used to fuck with 50 big time.
    all i like i music, personally i dont give a fuck bout the rest. i wanna see people win!!! #NOHATE


    I knew game wasnt gonna be on the list they try to hold that nigga dwn always Jay z owns this site lol

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