’12 Best Albums: #5 Big Boi Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors

Off the heels of Sir Lucious Left Foot, one half of OutKast released another solo album, Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors. However, on this go-round, Antwan took a different approach musically by bridging the gap with his signature sound and other genres of music. Indie pop group Phantogram joins him on the hard-knocking “Objectum Sexuality”. Meanwhile the Swedish electro band Little Dragon provides the soothing tempo grooves on “Descending” and “Thom Pettie” with Dungeon Family member Killer Mike. Still General Patton stays true to the hometown on anthemic “In The A” with his fellow ATLiens T.I. and Ludacris. Longtime collaborator Sleepy Brown tiptoes his vocals over a Jodeci-sample on “The Thickets” while Big’s delivery between the “Lines” with A$AP Rocky is equally stellar. Lies and rumors never sounded so sweet.

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  • TAS

    My top 10 album list http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Steve

    List game fucked up.

  • Dashing

    4 spots left. And we know 3 of them are Rick Ross, Nas, Kendrick. What is in that other spot?

    T.I. or Game?

  • Uh-oh

    Good call. Big Boi is an excellent solo artist. This is the 2nd time he drops an album that can be mentioned in the top tier of year end lists.

  • Da Business

    Idk man… I Love Outkast and Big Boi, shit ATLien changed my life…

    But VLDR was a letdown for me. I tried to force it and play it ova and ova again but, it didn’t do it for

    me. Solid but not gr8.

  • 12345678


  • Based Van Exel!

    The love below is still better than all of Big Boi solo album LMAO

    Anthony Fantano’s review of this album was so accurate,I can’t say this album was disappointing because I never expected this to be good anyway.

  • Dashing

    Forgot about Lupe. I REALLY REALLY hope not. That album was a big big disappointment for me. I think I’m in the minority on that though..

    @Da Business, you’re right. This album was def a bit of a disappointment. I don’t wanna be mad at having Big Boi on the list, especially considering that MMG and Slaughterhouse are on here, but he’d be better at somewhere between 8-10.

  • CaliSteppin

    We know the other spots are Kendrick, Nas, and Ross (sadly) dam you rap radar you better have Trouble Man!

  • MMG

    rozayy top 5 no lie

  • whoa!!!!

    Albums that deserve to 10
    Good kids maad city
    Life is good
    Habits and contradictions
    Trouble man
    R.A.P. Music
    Vicious Lies and Dangerous
    Food and liquor 2
    This site is a joke

  • How Wonderful…

    Good to see that rap radar will acknowledge VLADR. Excellent and very entertaining album.
    “Thom Pettie that hoe”

  • Dai

    4 spots left n theres still The Game, Nas, Schoolboy, Ab Soul, Kendrick,Lupe and T.I . Plus I know you probavly gon put Ross up here. Lets see

  • Darkwing

    Should Have been at least top 3, you have to have a certain level of intelligence to appreciate how dope and artistic this album is , bet he cleans up at the Grammys next year , you small minded rap niggas kill me.

  • Word

    Oh God.

    First off, love this pick. Great album, too bad the sales dont always match.

    Second, 4 slots and soooo many deserving albums.

    GKMC, Jesus Piece, FnL2, the obligatory Ross dickriding even though his album wasn’t that great, Nas, and I guess Trouble Man but I didn’t love that album. 6 albums, 4 slots. Some stans are gonna be mad.

    My guess? Game and TI fall short. Knowing RR and the way they dickride, they’re gonna HAVE to put Ross on this list. They just don’t have backbones at this site to admit his album wasn’t that great. [b] I predict GKMC, Life is Good, GFID, and Jesus Piece in that order. [/b]

    Trouble Man wasn’t that great to me in my opinion. Seemed so generic. I hate that TI makes (and brags about) making 80 songs and picking out songs from that pool. Just focus really hard on maybe 50 songs and put 12-15. Quantity aint quality.

    Food and Liqour 2 doesn’t seem to get enough love. I don’t know if LASERS still has a bad taste in some ppls mouth, or if they just dont think this lived up to FnL1, but somethings off. I think the album was great, but I seem to be in the minority.

    Of course, there may be a chance Jesus Piece gets overlooked. This site still has political reasons to not support Game’s work as one of the best albums of the Year. Would not surprise me if these guys didn’t put Game on there, but its more likely they drop the other two and put Game.

    Also, itd be great (but unlikely) if they ignored Ross’ effort and at least squeezed Jesus Piece and FnL2 in the top 5, but LMAO that’ll never happen as long as YN breathes. Wish they just didnt put Self Made 2 or that Slaughterhour album on this list, then everything would make perfect sense and fit right.

  • Word

    “My guess, Game and TI fall short…” meant Lupe and TI fall short.

  • Aggie Pride

    Kendrick #1
    SchoolboyQ #2
    Nas #3

  • GreenBeitz

    another outkast album…please

  • MJ

    All the albums on this list are cool, but this one is like nothing else.

  • This was a very slept on album. The song with T.I. & Luda was a banger and Big Boi has more to say in one verse than Rick Ross/Gunplay’s whole catalog !

    This is probably too high (where’s ab soul & Lupe?) but deserves to be ahead of anything MMG affiliated.

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Trying to shorten my writings cause reading comprehension is a lost skill on this site

  • Ya Boy G

    Killer mike went in on thom pettie. It deserves the spot because it was different.

  • That Guy

    Big Boi definitely delivered an original yet true-to-himself album. I’d listen to this album over the majority of albums on this list (with the exceptions of LIG & GKMC) anyday! Big Boah!

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